Variant Envy: Archie #1 Dave Dorman and Chris Foreman Variants

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This one should be an easy one. So far I have ordered 4 copies of both the Foreman and the Dorman variant covers to Archie #1 variant covers directly from MMComics. I originally ordered them because (1) The Foreman cover is another ASM 300 homage. Say what you will about whether this homage is played out, the Phantom variants for Deadpool 45, Ant-Man 5, Spider-Gwen 1, Silk 2 and 3 still fetch coin; (2) the Dorman cover is amazingly good! He has always been my favorite cover artist since Star Wars Dark Empire; and, finally,(3) the Dorman cover is limited to 1,750 copies! No word on the print run on the Foreman cover, but being a lesser-known artist, I imagine the print run is similar.
Now let’s sweeten the spec pot: has a 50% off deal on these covers through the month of July. The covers are going to retail for $15.00 each, at 50% off they are $7.50. But, they knocked that down to $12.50 each when you buy the two bundled as a set at $25.00. Take the additional 50% off in the month of July and the price comes down to $12.50 for the two. That’s $6.25 each! With these awesome covers and very limited supply, it appears that there is room to flip these.
Protip: change shipping frequency in the shipping options on to drop the shipping and handling price from an onerous amount around $30.00 down to about $9.00 (manageable).
Bonus round for those of richer blood: Dave Dorman is selling signed copies direct that will come with a mini pencil sketch print also signed. The last signed Dorman variant I received was Star Wars #1 and it was beautiful. These are going for $20.00 each direct from his website. I have three of these coming and I’m seeing if they go for $49.99. Shoot for the stars so when you fall you land on a cloud am I right!?

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  1. Nothing wrong with the art on any of them but those Phantom Variants have just worn out their welcome as far as I’m concerned. If people want to buy them more power to them, but I’ve turned to spending my money on books with a little more imagination and less repetitiveness. It was fun at first but that was before I realized they were going to “homage” that cover to death.

  2. By the way, Tony, I think MMcomics’ 50% is only good through the end of June not July. It is under their “50% Off This Month” section.

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