Sold Out Comics Delivered this week

This list is based off the list that Terry Hoknes of puts out each week. These are the books that sold out in advance of Wednesday’s release.

Mayday #3
Sons Of Anarchy #7 (Charming CA Metallic Stamp Variant Cover)
CBLDF Defender #2
Batgirl #41 (Cameron Stewart Regular Cover)
E Is For Extinction #1 (John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant Cover)
Infinity Gauntlet #2 (W. Scott Forbes Variant Cover)
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #8
X-Men ’92 #1 (Pepe Larraz Regular Cover)

12 thoughts on “Sold Out Comics Delivered this week”

  1. You know what really ticks me off? I picked up the X-Men ’92 and when I go to redeem my digital code so I can read on my tablet or computer, there was none. $4.99 book with no digital code.. ughhh! Most of if not all of their $3.99 books come with one.. Arrghhhh!!! (shakes fists at clouds)

    1. I didn’t even notice that. A little tricky maneuvering there by Marvel. You guys think that Sons of Anarchy Chrome Variant is worth picking up to flip?

      1. I wouldn’t myself. Seems only one sold so far for $22 back on April 24th as a pre-sale. Others are listing a little over $10 while a few others bumping up a little high.. I don’t think the hype on this one is in demand, there’s followers of the show but I don’t think most of those types seek out comics.. (at least the SOA fans I know).

      2. Makes a lot of sense. I was just surprised they were sold out on Midtowns site but the store had at least 8 copies sitting there. Thought they could be a quick flip. I don’t want them either if I would have to sit on them.

  2. **********BATGIRL SPOILER:**********
    (in case anyone cares)

    After reading the new issue of Batgirl I realized New Batman (Jim Gordon) reveals his identity to Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). I’m not sure if this is a significant event or not, but it sure feels that way to me. Think it’s worth picking up extra copies?

    1. Meh.. still plenty of these on the shelves and online. If this were to heat up and stay hot, to me it has to be a new character, death of major character (and even those eventually sizzle off)… And of course the fact that he won’t be Batman for too much longer.. 😉

      1. Hahaha. True true. Who knows how long this Gundam Batman will last. Now if this is the first hint of a Justice League Combiner Transformer… then i’m all over it hahaha. I could only imagine the 5 main members trying to pilot a single huge robot and arguing who is going to be which part of the body.

      2. Exactly what I was thinking! I can already see Batman being so annoyed that he’s an arm or leg. He seems like the team member that does things like use “dynamite” when playing paper, rock, scissors.

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