Jeff Smith’s Rasl optioned for TV

Move quick if you are going to jump in on the cheaper copies of this. (Credit where credit is due, I forgot and left off the following) Thanks to tommyrenob for the tip.

Jeff Smith’s indie gem (and one of our picks of the week from way back) Rasl has been optioned for a tv show. CBR had the story

“Bone” creator Jeff Smith’s science fiction noir series “RASL” is in talks to be developed as a television series by Universal TV, Deadline reports.
Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, who will produce the project, are currently closing a deal to develop the series, which was originally a black-and-white science fiction noir. This will be Smith’s first property to head to television, though the rights to “RASL” were acquired by Wigram Productions 4 years prior.

Parkes called the series “a motion picture pitch, which we felt was more potent as TV project in its merging of it sci fi, fantasy, and social commentary with strong characters and themes.”

Copies of Rasl have been snagged up pretty quickly but there are still some cheap copies of Rasl #1 if you move quickly. Mycomicshop still has a couple of copies left. a href=””>Amazon has copies starting at around $2.95 as well, but not many.

14 thoughts on “Jeff Smith’s Rasl optioned for TV”

  1. Issue one and its variant are not the first appearance of RASL but I suspect the market will fail to accurately represent this fact.

  2. is the oversize TPB the one i should be looking to get? I can’t tell if they are selling me the actual comic or a book of the comic. Sorry, I’m new to this.

      1. I think the size and rarity make it even more important. It’s gonna be real tough to get one in high grade. I would love to know the print run but I expect it is very low.

      2. yea its confusing on ebay. I cant tell if its just a graphic novel, or if its a comic. I saw some for $4.75 but it looks like a book and not a comic. People are putting TPB and so on. Never had a tough time buying comics off ebay but this one confused the hell out of me haha

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