TFAW Top 20 selling comics for the week

Looking for the very best comics? Whether you’re new to collecting comic books or want a little inspiration to try something new, our list of Top 20 best-selling comic books is a great place to start.

What makes these our hottest comics? Besides being best sellers, these are also typically the ones our customers are talking about. Check them out.

Wednesday has passed, it was a good week. Here are the top 20 selling comics from These are just the top selling books from one shop, but you can guess that these books are moving well in your local stores as well.

1. Secret Wars #4 (of 8)

2. Fight Club 2 #1

3. Fight Club 2 #2

4. Darth Vader #7

5. Ultimate End #3 (of 5)

6. Princess Leia #5 (of 5)

7. Red Skull #1 (of 3)

8. Giant Size Little Marvel Avx #2

9. Fight Club 2 #2 (Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover)

10. Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #10

11. Wicked & Divine #12

12. Secret Wars Journal #3 (of 5)

13. 8house #1 Arclight

14. Fight Club 2 #1 (Lee Bermejo Variant Cover)

15. The Spire #1 (of 8)

16. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7

17. Groot #2

18. A-Force #2

19. Fight Club 2 #1 (Cameron Stewart Variant Cover)

20. Will Eisner Spirit #1 (Cover A – Powell)

13 thoughts on “TFAW Top 20 selling comics for the week”

  1. I think the following comic books have the best potential to be the next in-expensive comic opted for a tv show/movie based off of the amount of issues, the popularity, and the comic book ratings:

    The Fade Out
    East of West
    Manifest Destiny
    The Ghost Fleet

    1. Revival actually reads like it’s a tv show already.

      Manifest Destiny would be awesome if done right.

      Fade Out and most if not all of Brubaker’s stories would make great movies or shows.

      East of West would just downright be awesome as a movie. I’m still holding onto my extra copies of #1’s just in case. I love it.

      Dying and the Dead would be on this list as well for me. I just wish we had more copies released so far, I think Hickman’s been busy but Dying and the Dead is one of my new favorites for sure.

  2. Wow. Fight Club 2 is dominating. There is some legitimate confusion going on out in the trenches (comic book shops). “Where’s Fight Club 1? Did I miss it?” These are real questions people are asking. The story is top notch. I was apprehensive during issue 1, but Chuck quickly moved from recap to new story come issue 2. Should have taken Tony up on the signing. Damn.

    1. I’m pretty sure that Fight Club was a novel by Chuck Palahniuk in 1996 and a movie, so they started off the comic book with fight club 2.

      1. I guess my comment wasn’t very clear. I know that. You know that. Others are not so informed. That’s what I was getting at.

    2. I have mine left. The others disappeared quickly and as I was limited to how many signed copies I could have gotten done I didn’t have enough to meet the initial order. While I was there they had extra copies signed for the store in full witness of me. I put an offer to get them all. They said they would hold me some but the staff wanted copies. They did offer up the remainders which were nice but when I went to pick up the second batch someone else also asked for some so they split them between the two of us. I was pretty upset with that but what could I do. The remainders sold out quickly as well.

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