Wednesday open forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week.

We open up the Wednesday forum so you can talk about what ever you like.

How about that Walking Dead #144 Spoiler huh?

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

58 thoughts on “Wednesday open forum”

  1. My definite pickups:

    Rebels #4
    Negative Space #1
    Tomorrows #1
    Harrow County #3
    Batman #42
    Mad Max Fury Road #1
    Black Science #16
    Descender #5
    Saga #30
    Savior #4
    Starve #2
    Walking Dead #144
    Civil War #1
    Spider-Island #1
    Star Wars Lando #1
    Bloodshot Reborn #4
    Mother Russia #3
    Providence #2
    Transference #1
    Lantern City #3
    Minions #2

    1. I was denied The Gun Cover C variant at checkout at Midtown last week but luckily I snagged the only copy at cover today. Now I just hope Midtown actually picks me one of each A and B cover instead of sending me two of the same.

      1. You would think the person packing would realize that, “Oh they bought 2 of this issue with multiple covers, maybe they would like different ones.” I’ve actually been sent the completely wrong comic before.

        1. Yeah, one would think. I think they just grab whatever to pack, not caring about the covers if they got mixed up, etc. I’ve ordered 2 before from Midtown where they claimed it was a mix of A and B.. ended up with the same cover.

      2. At least you got some!..this is not an easy book to come by. I lucked out and snagged two at cover as soon as I saw them. I’m also unsure of the covers I’ll be receiving. A + B would be nice…but might be both B’s.

        1. Yeah, the two I snagged.. they had like 5 what I think is Cover A and then one Cover C which I found odd.. I’m hoping to land both Cover A and B from my midtown order so I have all 3.

  2. Harrow County #3
    Batman #42
    Mad Max Fury Road #1
    Star Wars Lando #1
    Bloodshot Reborn #4
    Minions #2
    Providence #2
    Descender #5
    Saga #30
    Spider-Island #1
    Walking Dead #144

  3. Lots of stuff this week but from last week every issue of The Humans #6 I can find, just because I got my e-mail to them printed.

    1. Sweet man! I got printed in birthright #4 or #5…Whichever issue they named the letters column ‘birthwrite’

    2. What do you mean you “I got my e-mail to them printed?”
      Sorry i’m a rookie and wondering the importance of The Humans #6.
      Thank you!

      1. CptComic, he means that he sent in a letter to the letters section that was printed in the back of the comic. It doesn’t impact spec value, but it certainly ramps up the sentimental value!

  4. This week:

    Batman #42
    Batman/Superman #22 (still holding on to the dream that The Truth storyline will be epic)
    Max Ride #4 (completely forgot I had this on my pull list but only 1 more issue to go)
    Minions #2 (for the boy)
    Star Trek/Green Lantern #1 (Francavilla cover)
    Walking Dead #144
    Lando #1 (action figure variant)
    Descender #5
    Vampirella/Army of Darkness #1 (1:10 variant) – Bruce Campbell is my God.
    Transference #1 (Forbidden Planet/Jet Pack variant)

    Currently in two minds whether to pick up Providence #2.
    Following the walking dead postings on here I picked up online a signed (by Charlie Adlard) #132 for about $6.

    I was sorting out my comics yesterday and my little boy who is five came in and he is very much into Marvel and DC super heroes. I said to him one day when he is older he can have my comic collection. It was a quite a profound moment. All that was missing was making this speech up on a hill top with epic music panning out as my voice echoes with ‘one of these days all this will be yours. He went off and got his beat up copy of Giant Size Little Marvel #1 (a fun read by the way) and said to me ‘one day this will be yours’. I can tell you there was a little comic book geek shaped tear in my eye. I said to him ‘no thanks, its not bagged nor boarded and clearly has some significant wear’…….Kids.

  5. This weeks pickups:

    Walking Dead #144
    Star Wars Lando #1 Action Figure (these covers have turned into my weekly crack binge)
    Transference #1
    Saga #30
    Starve #2
    Mad Max Fury Road: Mad Max #1
    Long Distance #2 (ok i know this is a suspect choice but sometimes I like these types of stories)
    Big Man Plans #4 (let’s see how this ends!)
    Ichabod Azrael #5
    Age of Apocalypse #1
    Minions #2
    Home #1
    Harrow County #3

  6. Wednesday, Wednesday…take my money! I try to stay on top of these comics, but my back issue pile, to read, is getting ridiculous…it must be over a hundred. Most are first issue titles that I keep planning a binge read one weekend, but there’s always something to do!

    Providence #2 (Ancient Tome Incentive Cover)
    Transference #1 (Cover A)
    Strange Fruit #1 (Cover C)
    The Gun #1 (x2)
    Negative Space #1
    Tomorrows #1
    Batman #42
    Justice League Of America #2
    New Suicide Squad #10
    Sadhu Birth Of The Warrior #1
    Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency #2 (Cover SUB Rob!)
    Descender #5
    Saga #30
    Starve #2
    21st Century Tank Girl #2
    Minions #2

    1. Was going to grab a few Walking Dead’s, but everyone is grabbing them. Think I’m gonna pass on this one. I’m sure it will hold value, but I think ebay will be flooded. I may try to get the SDCC variant…?

      1. Haha.. yeah, and to think I didn’t pick up a few today because I ordered some from Midtown… I, my name is Agent Poyo and I have a problem with buying way too many comics.. 😉

  7. – I noticed that Transference Cover B was completely gone
    -Home #1 was very low
    -Ichabod Azrael #5 and Harvester #6 also only had 1 copy each left on the shelf.
    -From what I was seeing Age of Apocalypse was ordered way less than Civil War. Not sure if Cypher being in Age of Apocalypse makes a difference since no one really likes him anyways lol.
    -Also Strange Fruit seemed massively under ordered. If the story is any good this might be a sleeper.
    -Everything else seemed to be in normal order. Nothing out of the ordinary.

      1. Minions had really small stacks as well. Not sure why these aren’t ordered more, especially with the movie about to hit theaters.. people are gonna be looking for these.

    1. I figured Home would be a good pick up. For the movie tie in and low print run. Not sure how well received the movie was though. Anyone with kids who have seen it have opinions?

      I was thinking the same thing about Minions, Poyo. I had put my copies of #1 up when they first came out and my brother made a good point when he asked if i was going to wait until the movie came out. I don’t have normal “tv” so I had thought the movie came out already. Once it does and the Minions explode in popularity even more than they are now I think these will be hunted by fans. Maybe stores are underestimating their popularity.

      If not, I guess my future children will have some awesome vintage reading material. 🙂

      1. Hahaha. As long as the cover to the Playboys are Hughes, Campbell, or Manara. Only variant Playboys for my children.

          1. I admit, I actually have a few Playboy’s that I’d consider vintage classics….. the boy of mine can have them when he’s old and mature. 😉

  8. CIVIL WAR #1 1:25 Cap/Ironman cover x2 @ cover.
    OUTCAST #1 1st print x2 @ cover.
    TANK GIRL #2

    No issues of THE GUN #1 on the shelf, probably 200+ issues of THE WALKING DEAD #144 (literally – a long box of them) but no #132s in the back issues.

    I overheard the clerks talking about how much Secret Wars, Battleworld, and the Relaunch generally have been wrecking havoc on their subscription box system. You have to preorder a minimum number of monthly titles but with so many ending soon, new but not ongoing, and soon to come but not yet orderable, box holders are having trouble sorting out their minimum requirements. They’re super customer friendly and basically just suspending those rules for the time being but I thought it was an interesting phenomenon.

      1. Today my local store put out a bunch of recent back issues that I guess they’ve been holding onto, mostly number 1’s. Star Wars, Vader, Leia, Spider Gwen, Starlight, Sabrina #1 and Afterlife Archie #1 Variants, Fight Club 2 Phantoms #1, etc. There was a stack of 10 or so Outcast #1, they have a 2 comic per issue per visit rule. I bought 2 of them. Your dopey insinuations that I’m lying, while amusing, are unseemly.

      2. One local shop does the same. Can only fit so many out on the racks on new comic book day, puts overflow in long boxes in back (intentions to restock when they run out), sometimes they don’t get restocked (he’s usually by himself with part timers helping most days) and then they’re discovered weeks or a few months later..

      3. This happens all the time.
        I get a hold of a lot of sold out hot titles at one shop I go to because every now and then they put out copies they had been holding for customers that never showed or got them elsewhere.

  9. Gun #1 flew off the shelves,got 3 of the cover c variants
    Lando.number 1 variant..suprised alot of stores didnt get any of these
    Star wars #1 6th print…funny about that issue it has a 1st print cover and even scans as a 1st print…seems like an error
    Strange fruit..amazing book..the end page will piss some off lol

    1. I noticed the Star Wars 6th printing looking a little weird to me. I did have to open it to realize it was a 6th printing because the cover was still the 1st prints. Apparently the 6th print is supposed to be the first cover with a green background. I am going to go back to my LCS and pick up some just in case this ends up being a recognized error.

      1. I would think it would mess up inventory numbers wouldn’t it? Since it scans as 1st printing when the real barcode is right behind it. I’m just spitballing and overthinking. Just wondering how this affects everything else. I would think the shops would think they had more copies of 6th printing than they did and oversold 1st prints. Any thought?

      2. So this is likely why one shop put theirs in bags and boards (they never do on any comics) and slapped a new barcode sticker on the back to scan..

  10. Today’s picks. Good hunting if I don’t say so myself

    Mad max fury road mad max #1 ×2
    Invader Zim #1
    Walking Dead #144 ×2
    Batman 42 (also teen titans go variant)
    New suicide squad #10
    Savor #4
    Lantern city #3
    Minions #2 ×3 (for the kids and PC)
    Starve #2
    Transference #1 ( 2 reg covers, 3 Black cat store variant, and 1 Ben temple smith (I be leave that’s how you spell it lol) exclusive to only 50 copies from what I hear don’t know if it’s true or not lol.

    Couldn’t find any of the Gun #1 so that was a bomber. And I hope to catch up on my reading this weekend to see if I am going to keep some of these #1s or drop them.

  11. Today’s pickups:
    Big Man Plans
    Black Science
    Invader Zim (#0 is coming in the mail today, ordered directly from Oni Press. Picked up the Jhonen Vasquez variant. Two stores were 50/50 between the two covers, another had none of the Vasquez variant. Hot Topic did not have their variant out yet.)

    None of the three stores I went to had copies of Gun. I picked up a copy of Punk Rock Jesus 1 for cover. I also picked up a copy of Bunker as my usual store received all damaged copies last week. The Head Lopper 1 & 2 I ordered directly from the artist should also be in today’s mail.

    1. I just got my Head Lopper #1 in the mail yesterday! I bought 2. I’m wondering if I should even bother getting the Image version. Since you would figure the original Artist ones would be the ones sought after.

  12. Today I snagged:

    Age of Apocalypse 1 (Clarke variant)
    Batman 42
    Civil War 1 (McNiven and Granov variants)
    Gotham Academy 8
    JLA 2 (Manapul variant)
    Mad Max Fury Road: Mad Max 1 (x2)
    New Suicide Squad 10
    Spider-Island 1 (Frenz variant)
    Spider-verse 3 (Noto variant)
    Star Wars Lando 1 (AF variant)
    The Walking Dead 144 (x3. I don’t read it, but you guys were hyping it, soo…)

    And I left a lot of stuff in my box so I could pick up:
    The Walking Dead 132 (x5, cover price)
    The Walking Dead 138 (x3, cover price)

    Oh, and I fielded an offer for a press to press books with. Thinking about it…

  13. Lighter week for me, which was sorely needed.

    New comics:
    Saga x2
    Walking Dead x2
    Batman x1
    Archie x1

    Back Issues:
    Zatanna (Dini series) 2-6
    Mister Miracle #6
    Forever People #3
    X-Men #205 and #256

    Happy reading!

    – Craig Coffman

      1. Did anything big happen this issue? I have it in my reg. pull box, and was going to get an extra but when I flipped through it real quick I did not see much so I put it back. No time to read my copy yet.

      2. That is what I was thinking. I am tempted to grab a 3rd copy. I have everything, some in multiples, so it would not be out of the ordinary. Perhaps if I make it back and one is languishing on the shelves…

        Also, Batman was hard to find locally for me. Is there something to the newest issue?

        – Craig Coffman

  14. Just wanted to let you know, I hate you, ever since I’ve started browsing your website my weekly spendings went from $20 to about $100.

    In all seriousness awesome website, I can’t thank you enough for getting me into this. I know some day I will own an expensive comic because of this website!

    1. I want you to know I hear that a lot and it is one of the best compliments people can give me. I also hear “my wife hates you for my comic addiction.” The local chapter of comic-a-holics is run by Agent Poyo and meets every Wednesday behind the comic store.

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      1. Haha my wallet cries but I know it will be worth it some day. I was so stoked when I was looking through the back issues and found 3 Harrow County #1. Not that big of a deal but I’ve done it with multiple comics now because the LCS doesn’t realize they have it. I always look forward to your Wednesday Winners and hope to see if it is one I bought!

        Thanks again man.

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