Think Outside the Toybox: It’s the 80’s all over again

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Remember the 80’s?!

We all know that what old is cool again and if it aint retro is sucks. Well the toy market seems to follow suit. Not going back but seems like everything this week was GI Joe or Transformers. And looking at the summer box office one wouldn’t be far off. (Movies are currently early 90’s). Plus it was a light week with everyone celebrating the Independence of this great nation. So let me quit rambling and get on with it.

Everything old is new again, and hot. Guys our age remember playing with GI Joe, Transformers, and Star Wars as kids and now wants to own them again.

The GI Joes are suppose to be Toys R Us convention exclusives but you have to go to Entertainment Earth’s booth to get them. Or you can get them right here.

G.I. Joe Desert Duel Vehicles with Action Figures – Exclusive
desert duel

G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Action Figure 2-Packs Wave 3 – Exclusive (I remember playing with these during the 25th anniversary)

This is also a good time to notice how companies get broad and sketchy with wording. Notice it just says “Exclusive”, not “Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive” or “Convention Exclusive”. You have been warned.

If you are not familiar with Transformers Combiner Wars, do your homework. Think Devastator. You also want to do your research to see who combines with whom. You can lead a horse to water…
Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Sunstreaker

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Groove

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Huffer

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Warpath

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Devastator Set

Transformers Generations Combiners Wars Legends Blackjack

This is also the Holy Grail of Transformers collectibles if you have a month’s worth of food to spare.
Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Premium Scale Action Figure– Just WOW!

These figures are starting to grow on me. The style that is, not the price.
Batman The Dark Knight Rises Hybrid Metal Figuration Action Figure

New Star Wars POPS! Back from the vault
Jawa POP!
Gamorrean Guard

and since it’s the 80s all over again, what the heck…
Rubik’s cube

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