15 thoughts on “Minion Happy Meal Toys, Cussing”

  1. was texted by my astute wife today about the so called controversy. I was put into action and found one on eBay for $6.99. Almost the price of a happy meal. We’ll see what happens! It’s fun anyway.

    1. Happy Meals are $6.99 now? Holy crap that’s a lot of money for usually crap toys that just end up in the land fills.. I’m not counting what they claim is food in there, since it’s not real food. 😉

  2. It’s funny cuz my wife has been all over this trying to find them for my kids and funny thing is I check today and they both have the caveman. Lol

  3. I have not eaten at McDonald’s in over 15 years and I don’t plan on stepping foot in one either for these. Sucks for me, cause I want some of these. 🙂

  4. So today in the am news, they had the creators of the minions at the SDCC and they asked them about the cussing minion. They said that it was not cussing that, that’s just the way they talk and it’s there lenguage and for people to interpret to cussing is a lie. So I guess we will see if they blow it out of proportion or if it’s just us thinking it is cussing lol

      1. Do you have a link for the recall? I bought two 150 count sealed cases of them today, but cannot find recall news anywhere.

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