Wednesday Winner: Star Wars #1 6th print

starwars 6th

I love getting comics on Wednesday. I love it even more when books I pick up on Wednesday are going for more than 2x cover price by Thursday. Star Wars #1 6th print is one of them.

There are a couple of things going for Star Wars #1 6th print. One, it is the 6th printing, which means many stores didn’t order thema s they are still sitting on first-fifth prints. Second. Marvel not only put the 6th print recolored cover on them, they also attached the first print cover over it!

No word on a recall, but with a small print run, and an error, this is a desirable book. Copies have sold up to $20 already. There are cheap copies of Star Wars #1 6th print up on ebay.

TFAW has the following warning on their listing for the books:

Please Note: The 6th Printing of this issue was mis-printed to have the cover of the 1st printing copies, with the correct cover located underneath the cover page. Marvel will not be re-issuing a corrected version.

starwars 6th

34 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: Star Wars #1 6th print”

  1. insane ! does anyone happen to know print run numbers for the 4th and 5th print by the way? thanks a bunch in advance, i wonder how low this print run will be, this is awesome !

  2. Well now I have to have it for the personal collection. Grabbing a couple for resale for others like me who just need everything Star Wars!

  3. By the way, ebay sellers are reporting that the UPC on the front scans as a first print. It’s a little trick not everybody knows, but the last digit of the UPC code usually tells you if it’s a first print. The white covers on these contain a “1” as the final digit indicating a first print. Crazy.

  4. these are literally NO where to be found, i checked 8 stores, all of them ordered none because they still have the 5th print in stock , i wonder just how low the print run is on this, because even for later prints, stores will order 3-5 as a just incase, but 8 stores and not 1 copy, this is going to be nuts

    1. Went to my LCS. Asked him what his latest printing was. He smiled and winked, reached behind the counter and handed me two copies of it. We were on the same wavelength, man.

  5. Nice choice for the picture Tony! 🙂 I feel like Ansel Adams now. Or wait…who’s a cooler photographer than that?

      1. I feel so bad for those guys who shoot porn.. staring at naked women all day long must be rough for sure… 😉

      2. I am empathetic to how tough their job is. I don’t know if I’d be able to turn my head that many times without it just falling right off.

  6. Also, if anyone sees copies of The Gun #1 (any cover). It’s going for an average of $20 on the bay. Happy hunting!

    1. Poyo, Mel, and I all had this pegged. There are actually 4 covers to this book. Regular, the Green Variant, the EC Style variant, and an EC Style variant with a different cover stock, different logo and black and white interior art.

      Thinking it was a kickstarter version or something.

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    1. I would grab whatever you are comfortable with. It’s already got a few things going for it like the error, it’s low print run, and it doesn’t seem to be available in every region since a lot of stores didn’t order it due to still having 5th prints. If/when the #1 issue gets popular whether because of the movie or just because it’s Star Wars, this 6th print will be the copy to have for collectors. First print had a print run of over 1 million, I think. So this run has to be a micro fraction of that. What the actual number is, i’m not sure.

      1. Actually, after some slight research I found an article on Bleeding Cool via Google search that gives “tips” on how to turn your 6th print into a 1st by cutting out the inside cover.

        Validates why I never go on that site.

      2. I don’t know why you would want to change such a low printed book to such a high printed one…unless you’re high.

      3. Some collectors still seek out the first print, despite the print runs. The first print will always be a collector item and be in demand. That’s one reason someone would turn these into first prints even though they’re not first prints because I’m sure a professional would be able to tell if the 6th print cover was removed. Plus, the fine print says these were manufactured between 06/12/2015 and 06/23/2015 by QUAD/GRAPHICS WASECA. A clear giveaway. So now, if stores are trying to create first prints by removing the green cover, people can call them out with ease…

  7. That store just ruined the book! I picked up 2 copies yesterday, store had about 8 copies. If I see movement I just might go buy some more. And yes, I usually go off of the UPC #, the last digit indicates what print the issue is.

    1. That’s the thing though.. if they keep the White cover on it, it’s actually the UPC for the first printing. See my comment above, it tells you the print dates (mfg dates) which tells you what printing it is. So yeah, any store that cuts out the green 6th printing cover, literally just made the comic worthless.. might as well use it as a coaster for your iced tea during this hot summer!

        1. Yeah, didn’t even notice first time.. you take out one half of the large Star Wars double pages since the green cover didn’t put the Midtown ad on the inside like the white cover.

    1. Nice. By this weekend, I now have 7 copies. 1 for my personal collection. 1 sold. between 1-5 to either sell or hold onto until TFA in December. Life’s good.

          1. Yeah, even if I don’t sell anymore, selling just the one almost gets me even (just shy but close) for the 5 I bought.. 🙂

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