SDCC: Hugh Jackman talks about Old Man Logan in Wolverine 3

This keeps resurfacing but looks even more credible than before:

Wolverine 3 could be based on Old Man Logan. We mentioned it here on June 19th but it was “Debunked” but the rumor is resurfacing again thanks to Mr. Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, himself.

First appearing in Wolverine #66, the awesome Mark Millar (you don’t hear me saying this much) story placed a future Logan and a blind Hawkeye, on the road in a post apocalyptic future.


At the Fox movies panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2015, the final section of the panel was devoted to X-Men films. First out on the dais was Hugh Jackman, who has played Wolverine in 7, going on 9 movies now.

The actor talked about the long journey of playing Wolverine since the first X-Men film, then teased that the third Wolverine solo movie, which he has said will be his last in the role, could have a very familiar story to comic book fans.

“I’ve got three words for you guys: Old Man Logan,” the actor said definitively. “As I promised, this next time is my last time putting on the claws, it’s one last time,” he said as an image of him as Wolverine with just the middle claw extended (a la flipping the bird) was shown behind him.

If you jumped in on getting copies of Wolverine #66 if you missed out on them when they first came out, you could be lucky.

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  1. Just checked and interesting print run numbers – 1st print of wolverine 66 on june 2008 – 97,989 , 2nd print july – 7,139 , another printing is listed on sept 2008 at 7,300 copies, and checked ahead 3 months , and no mention of wolverine 66 4th print which would mean it has less than 1,500 or so copies

  2. Great story! Wolverine 66 is mega hot right now as it is the 1st appearance of old man logan. This book is a great investment and someone posted the print run numbers accurately as far as I know. The 1st print is very common actually with a Turner variant of 1:50 and Turner sketch 1:100 that are pretty overpriced. The sleeper issue to get is 66 2nd print. It is super rare with only 2 available on ebay and only sold in a set. The cgc consensus has it at only 2 graded copies atm. Not to mention it sports the best cover of them all with Logan cutting the Hulk in half!!! It is highly undervalued at an average of 25 bucks for a raw higher grade. Trust me on this…wolverine 66 2nd print is the book to grab while you still can!

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