Official Suicide Squad First Look Trailer released. 

Holy Cow. This looks incredible. See the full (and clear) Suicide Squad first look trailer after the bump.

Expect to see prices on DC Legends #3 first modern Suicide Squad, New 52's Suicide Squad #1, and suicide squad 1 1987, plus a ton of related titles, shoot up in price.

11 thoughts on “Official Suicide Squad First Look Trailer released. ”

  1. Yeah, previews are surprisingly better than I envisioned the movie would be.. hopefully the movie doesn’t end up sucking. We all know how they can make movie previews look better than they actually are!

    1. Lol, sometimes they should just release the preview as a movie.

      Patton Oswald once said (about Jennifer Aniston movies, but it works here) that the trailer for the movie could be just a monkey in a hat taking a really big and painful crap, two full minutes of the monkey with looks of pain on his face, looks of confusion, the monkey screaming, the monkey looking angrily at his butt, and then the title card of the movie, and people would totally still go see the movie. (people would of course say, I hope they didn’t ruin the movie by showing the best parts in the trailer.)

  2. I love Jared Leto. – excellent look and creepy factor. I loved the quick Batman on the car sequence. Very excited about this, but am also a bit concerned over the seeming cliche’s (“how are we going to control them?”; the Hannibal Lecter references throughout (cage in the middle of a room, the mask so he can’t bite). So we’ll see…. cautiously optimistic is where I’m going

    1. I loved little things about it. First, Margot Robey is hot. Second, batman mask on the robber. Third, who was the guy with the giant eyeball head, he looks like the Ghost Rider villain.

      What did you dislike?

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  3. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but this looks pretty amazing. Love the look of it. Still think the face tattoos are a totally inept design choice… and Will Smith looks like he’s still playing… Will Smith. But other than that it looks really intriguing.

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