Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 7/15/15

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the shelves, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 7/15/15:

Be on the Look Out for
Blacklist #1– Based on the hit show. Conflicting reports on when this is coming out. TFAW has it as 7/22/15, Midtown has it as 7/15/15. Could it be allocated? Who knows. But if it does not show up in places it could be a good quick flip to sell to those who didn’t get it.

The Crossover event
Book of Death #1– Valiant’s summer cross over begins. Interesting looking read and getting good buzz. I am not a Valiant guy and this one even intrigues me.

Small Press Gem
Rivers of London– From Titan Peter Grant is one of only two members of a very special branch of London’s Metropolitan Police. He is, in fact, pretty much a wizard and it’s his job to investigate those shadowy crimes that involve urban vampires, weird folk in the underground and, in this case, why cars are suddenly taking on lives of their own and killing innocent folk! Written by Doctor Who writer Ben Aaronovitch.

The New Horror Book
Death Head #1– A new Dark Horse horror series describes as “delivering a supernatural-horror thriller about family and creeping, terrifying murder.” Sounds good to me. Plus, the cover has the Plague Doctor mask on the cover which I have always been fascinated by.

The New Returning Favorite
Empty Zone #2 This Cyber-punk Supernatural series hit with the first issue. Enough that it made it on the Advance Reorder list from Diamond a few months back. Worth being on the look out for.

The Pick of the Week
Island #1– Pricey, so stores will not go heavy on it. But it is Brandon Graham, who has a huge cult following. Low print run plus cult following could be a hit. Oversized and no ads.

One From The Bookshelf
Nocturnals Black Planet TPB– I have long been a fan of Dan Brereton’s art and the comic, The Nocturnals. If you haven’t checked it out, it is essentially a group of monster fighting monsters. Think The Munsters meets Monster Squad, but not as campy. Good, fun read, with beautiful painted art, and on of my all time favorite characters, Gun Witch.

11 thoughts on “Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 7/15/15”

  1. TFAW seems to slack on updating their release dates often. From my experience, Midtown is usually 100% accurate most weeks.

    1. I actually picked up Justice League America #1 and really liked it. Also picked up Justice League 40 and 41, been interested in reading about this Darkseid Wars….. I’m not a big DC guy but I’ve been rather let down on most of the Secret Wars over in Marvel land….

      1. Other than the main Secret Wars, it hasn’t impressed me much. Though I can say the same for Convergence as well.
        Batman, Justice League, Deadpool and Spiderman are titles that I always get no matter what. It’s just the way it is.

        1. Honestly, I read Convergence as well and thought it was actually pretty good. But yeah, I’m digging the main Secret Wars, all those tie ins, some are just dumb…

  2. I’ll say it again here. They purposely misled in that article. Nothing is revealed, Batman just learns without the reader hearing. The off everyone’s radar Big 2 book is Ant-Man Annual 1. A new minority, homosexual Giant Man. Given the media’s love of comic diversity as well as Marvels push for greater inclusion this could be a sleeper hit.

      1. Hey, Dr. Raz is awesome. When Hank Pym spoke out against AI he couldn’t find work. Now he’s tech support by day and soon to be super hero by night! I’m hoping he doesn’t fall through the cracks and sticks around the Marvel U.

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