Anarky and Mr. Terrific coming to Arrow

Cool, a Batman character (which surprises me) and a Justice Society alum are coming to CW network’s Arrow.

The news is a couple of days old and came out of SDCC but still worth spec-ing on.
IGN had the story:

Two notable characters are joining the cast of the Arrow in the coming season, as revealed today during the Warner Bros. and DC television panel at San Diego Comic Con.

A longtime villain of the DC universe, the news of Anarky’s arrival in CW’s Arrow was corroborated on the show writers’ verified Twitter.

The other character joining the ranks of Arrow is none other than Mr. Terrific, who will work alongside Felicity. This version of the character also “happens to be gay,” according to Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim.

Characters first appearance that hit the shows tend to rise. If you can find these book on the cheap, it would be worth trying to flip.

Anarky first appeared in Detective Comics #608. You can find these for $1 and up. If they go with the new hoodied Anarky, you are looking at grabbing Detective Comics #30. Both are extremely cheap grabs.

Mr. Terrific’s first appearance will be harder to find and more expensive (I have sold three of these earlier in the year for upwards of $50.) A few copies of Mr. Terrific’s first appearance in Spectre #54 will run you $25-$50.

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  1. Nope, a huge part of his origin was the death of his wife and unborn child in a car accident. So as excited as I am for his upcoming role in the show, if DC needed to make someone a homosexual for the sake of inclusion, Mr. T probably wasn’t the best choice.

  2. Niceeeee..I had that Detective Comics 608 on my Risk and Reward in March much could be done with that character

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