July 2015 Lootcrate Unboxing (Heroes 2 theme)

July’s Loot Crate just arrived this morning, and it is a good one! Check out the unboxing video below to see what goodies arrived.

Thanks to my special guest unboxer, Joe, for helping out with this months video.

Also, please excuse the video I had it listed as June, but it is in fact July’s Loot Crate. Still in vacation mode, long drive home last night.

Check out Loot Crate soon if you are interested in getting this one as it expires in 1 Day

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18 thoughts on “July 2015 Lootcrate Unboxing (Heroes 2 theme)”

        1. He is my main man. My oldest son. He has been asking me to be in one of the videos and I finally agreed to let him be in one. I totally screwed up the month. I blame it on lack of sleep and many hours of driving last night.

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    1. I might have to sell mine to make up for the cracked iPhone 6 screen I got over the vacation. Between that and a lost pair of Oakley sunglasses a few weeks ago (terrible jet ski accident) I am in for it with the wife b

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  1. Sorry to hear what happened at your vacation. I know how irritating it is to have a cracked screen and argue with the wife. Specially if it’s a 1 month old phone lol

    1. I had an iPhone 6 stolen in December. After much fighting with Verizon I got a new one. (Paid for in cash over 24 monthly installments UGH!). I took insurance out on it. Not going through that again. So fast forward 7 months and I gently place my iPhone on metal table. What ever the reason the screen cracked across the top where the camera and ear piece are. (Hurts to use it, the crack is sharp). Normally I use the Bluetooth system in my car so no worries. I call Verizon and they tell me they have never charged me for the insurance even though I verbally agreed to it and they do record all calls. So SOL. I would have spent $60 on the insurance thus far. Apple will replace the screen for $109. Just sucks that I have to pay for it. Wife isn’t mad (about that, sure she will find something though πŸ˜‰

      1. That sucks!
        What I do with Rogers here in Canada, is I ask to speak to their loyalty dept. or retention dept. (same dept.)
        Basically tell those guys that I want to cancel my plan because of x and they always give me what I want to keep me as a customer.
        I’ve gotten early upgrades, waived fees, and even was able to get unlimited data for a year once!
        That dept gets a bonus for every customer retained. Highly motivated to help.
        Maybe your carrier has a similar dept?
        Tell them you want to cancel because your phone broke and they’re screwing you over the insurance and boom! All of a sudden you’re insured and your phone is replaced.
        Good luck, and God speed.
        Oh and if it works, I want first crack at your bat tool! πŸ˜‰

  2. Yeah that’s BS to go threw that. But if you don’t pay them, they are on you like gum on a shoe. You should argue with them like you did back in December and make them recheck there recorded calls. It’s crazy how cell phone companies work these days. So I guess my advise to you is ” stay away from metal tables and get a life proof phone case” Those cases last. Better then the otter box.

  3. I had an iPhone issued from work once (I hated it). It lasted until it slipped out of my pocket and fell about a foot and screen cracked. I had a personal droid, dropped it numerous times, phone still looks new. After the iPhone, asked for droid, got a Samsung Galaxy 5, which I’ve dropped a couple of times, still no cracks. Boss has an iPhone, wife has iPhone.. I’ve heard him bitch so much, she’s on her 3rd iPhone in a year and a half due to cracked displays from minor drops.

    My personal droid is a 4 year old LG phone, still looks brand spanking new.. slow but still in great shape.

    I’m probably gonna drop my personal phone and just transfer to google voice to forward to work phone. I don’t like how all the new carriers are now lowering their plans but now making people pay full price for their phones over 12-24 months.. last time I talked to them, they’re like.. but we’re saving you money. I’m like, no your not, I can do simple math, it’s either the same or it’s actually more depending on what phone you have to pay full price for now over installed payments.

    I actually had AT&T rep try to explain to me my $130 a month bill for me and my wife’s phones when she needed a replacement that it going up another $25 a month was “saving me money” according to them. I’m like, really? I pay $130 now, you want to charge me $20 more a month for the phone for the next 2 years and that’s saving me money? I’d rather pay $200 now for a new phone, sign a 2 year contract and save $600 or so over the next two years to keep my current $130 a month bill.

  4. Great vid! I had to quit loot crate due to too much fluff. But opening it with kids is fun even if I didn’t feel i got my money’s worth

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