First look at Psylocke, Storm, and Apocalypse ran photos from Entertainment Weekly showing set photos of Psylocke, Storm, and Apocalypse. If you haven’t seen them, check them out below.

I think they nailed the look of Storm and Psylocke, Apocalypse, not so much. Let us know what you think.



You can check out the full gallery here

11 thoughts on “First look at Psylocke, Storm, and Apocalypse”

  1. I was so excited when I heard Olivia Munn was going to be Psylock I’ve love her since whe was on G4 so hot. Storm looks good to. But I think Apocalypse looks stupid as hell & most of the internet agrees. I think the movie will be great but they need to fix Apocalypse so bad like a power ranger reject l.

  2. How hard would it have been to add Apocalypse’s trademark oversized blue lips over grey skin? Fox always fails at quality control, I’m shocked Deadpool looks as good as the preview footage seems to be.

  3. Apocalypse could be instantly fixed If they just used some fx trickery to make him twice the size. I don’t mind the costume, it’s the short and slight stature that gets me. Psylocke looks like she just stepped out of my Jim-Lee-worshipping-12-year-old-self fantasy…

  4. Remember folks that leaded trailer footage was far from the finished film (its been 5 weeks of filming) and the FX hasn’t been added yet. I read somewhere they hated his voice too well Mr. Isaac has said they will add all that after he was just using his own voice for the filming. I saw this on SDCC Conan O’Brian footage. Even Fassbender didn’t know that and looked surprised.

  5. This one will likely be a Red Box rental for me (maybe if I get a free promo code and there’s nothing else to choose from..), I’m still all X-Men’d out..

  6. Fox?
    Why even bother, everything they do sucks. These are not MARVEL comic movies.
    look at the history of errors
    Bullseye? Why would you change a character that just where’s a costume to look like the villain.
    Ghostrider? You picked Nicholas cage and had no story or villain
    Galactus? really! Come on Fox
    Wolverine? This is all you have and you make Deadpool look like a Gimp in red pants
    and NOW this is Apocalypse, he doesn’t even have a damn helmet. He’s twice the size of all of the X-men and this guy barley towers over Psylock. Oh and why change Johnny Storm? There are a lot of ethnic heroes in the world of FF.
    Bottom line is that this only makes Marvel/Disneys bad choices look like a Godsend.

    1. I’ve yet to know of any 30 to 40 foot tall actors in Hollywood to do the job. Ranting on Fox is almost like ranting on Marvel / Disney. Both studios have made mistakes along the way. As long as the movie is entertaining and the actors actually act who cares its a MOVIE. Nothing on film comes close to the imagination we all had reading the comic books so to me its a moot point.

      1. Nobody is saying you can’t be excited for this movie, but apocalypse does looks like a clone of Ronan from guardians. Fox could’ve made a very menacing villain with just a little effort from its art department. I doubt CGI can do any justice to this.

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