DrunkWooky’s Comicblock unboxing

So many choices when it comes to subscription boxes. We have been fans of Lootcrate and 4 color Grails. DrunkWooky unboxes this months Comicblock.

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I think I told you that I cancelled my subscription with Four Color Grails (even though they seem to think otherwise). A fight for another day. It was for a mix of reasons. Basically, the shipping was crazy expensive, the box came really late in the middle of the next month, and I wasn’t getting great Ebay sales. As long as that was the situation, I wanted to go with something cheaper.

Comicblock from Nerdblock is doing a great job for a much lower price! Inside:

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1. A sweet Ant-Man t-shirt. They kept this under wraps and didn’t reveal it. A nice surprise to open up a box to!;

photo 2 (14)

2. An Iron Man ARC Reactor Coaster. I needed a coaster for the office anyway. I’ve been using an old Tolstoy book.

photo 3 (12)
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3. Star Trek/ Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #1 Francavilla ComicBlock Exclusive Variant. We knew this was coming, but still super awesome!;

photo 3 (13)

4. Lando #1. I already had a couple copies, but no complaints.

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5. Negative Space #1! I picked this up a couple times this month at my LCS, but never pulled the trigger. Glad a subscription box curator made the decision for me.

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So the score is: An awesome wearable, an awesome piece of memorabilia, a great exclusive variant, a great big name comic, a great small name comic. If this is their formula and the price stays below $20.00, I’d say this subscription box is a winner for some fun, and maybe profit.

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