Variant Envy: We Can Never Go Home Again and Young Terrorist Third Eye Variants

Normally I wouldn’t lump three comics together under a Variant Envy post but these are too good for me to pass up. Black Mask has been hitting homers lately, and using classic Punk Rock homage cover has me all in.

First up We Can Never Go Home Again #2 Dag Nasty Homage.

Dag nasty

Featuring a throw back to the ‘Can I Say’ album cover. This is being called a “Showcase Encore Variant Edition.”

Up next is We Can Never Go Home Again #3 SSD Homage, also a “Showcase Encore Variant Edition.” This one features the classic Boston Punk Band SSD (Social System Decontrol) The Kids Will Have Their Say homage cover art.


You can also get these in a Bundle.

These are both limited to 300 copies each!

Third Eye is also releasing a Young Terrorists #1 Third Eye Variant.

This book is on my radar for several reasons. First, it is Black Mask, hot small press publisher. Second, this is going to have a big page count and a high cover price. This means shops will not be ordering a ton of them. Low print run and hot publisher hopefully = a homerun.


18 thoughts on “Variant Envy: We Can Never Go Home Again and Young Terrorist Third Eye Variants”

  1. I’m loving the Black Mask Homages…and Young Terrorists looks great from the preview. They are doing Hip Hop Store Variants for this (similar to Disciples, and We Can Never Go Home). Be on the look out for them! The third eye variant is homage to Straight Outta Compton (NWA).

    1. Someone mentioned that one to me (looking at you Mel) and I had no idea what he was talking about then I figured it out. I would love to do a punk rock homage cover with Black Mask for the site. Have so many great albums it could be based on.

  2. I read it…know it isn’t a contest/give away, but what the hell: Herman Williams!!!! Yaayyyy!!

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