The Hot Topic Invader Zim flip idea

Another simple one. Invader Zim has always been all over Hot Topic stores. So it would make sense that they would carry an exclusive. So here is the idea:


You can order the Invader Zim #1 Hot Topic Variant straight from the site. They will cost you just over $4. (If you live close to a store you cam check to see if they have copies that haven’t been bent all up.) You can have the books shipped to store to save on shipping (but that does risk the books being touched by staff and bent.)

Now the flip:

The Invader Zim #1 Hot Topic Variant has been steadily selling for over $20. Some as high as $34, but most in the $20 range. Seems pretty simple. Grab a few, sell one and you have made your money back. Everything else is house money.

9 thoughts on “The Hot Topic Invader Zim flip idea”

  1. It seems this is a bit late. Only one sold in last four days and for a $10 BIN. The higher BINs are stagnant and auctions are all under $9, though obviously that could change in the last 10 mins for each. Very cool cover and a great grab if you love Zim and Vasquez. Much cheaper for the PC for sure to get from a store or their website but I wouldn’t go all in for the flip unless you feel it is worth your while for $4 net gain or so.

    Obviously, just my opinion.

      1. The nature of the beast unfortunately. And I wasn’t trying to say anything negative about your info, we all appreciate articles and tips like this. Was just posting about what I saw in terms of perceived interest on the bay.

  2. I checked out one store, and their comic books are at Floor Level, on a shelf only a few inches above the floor, where every child who comes through with their parents can grab & mangle them. They didn’t have any Invader Zim anyhow, but it sounds like ordering online is actually Safer. I did notice Hot Topic has a “bulk purchase” policy where they slap you with restrictions and increased shipping if you order more than 5 of something; so I got 5 plus a Golden Frieza, to hit the $30 mark, to get one of those $15 Off a future purchase coupons. The only trouble with that is, it comes with the Package when it arrives at the store a few weeks from now…

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