One to Watch: “Original” Sex Criminal #11 Sketch cover hits eBay

People have begun to sell the Sex Criminal Sketch covers that they have been getting from the bagged Sex Criminal #11.

One of the “Sex Criminals #11 Original Sketch Cover” sketches, with the original frame cover has hit the market.

This is one of the batch that was recalled as some of the covers featured licensed characters from other companies. This one was said to have been given away at a con.

It appears to be a Matt Fraction drawn cover as it doesn’t fit Chip Zdarsky’s style. Plus, many of the new sketches are only signed by Chip.

This one will be really rare as the batch was pulled and who knows what happened to them.

Sadly, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky had to pay for the new printing of the covers.

The “Sex Criminals #11 Original Sketch Cover” is going for $70 currently, will be fun to see where it ends up.

11 thoughts on “One to Watch: “Original” Sex Criminal #11 Sketch cover hits eBay”

  1. They did 1000 of these. All were supposed to be destroyed so Matt and Chip gave a bunch out at Heroes. about 200 – 300. The rest are at Matt Fractions parents house waiting to be destroyed.

  2. My offer still stands.. anyone who didn’t get a sketch variant and still want a dick sketch on their Sex Criminals #11.. let me know. I’ll make every single sketch unique and all you have to do is provide the comic and pay the shipping. πŸ˜‰

      1. I was thinking of some life size outlined drawings.. like it was part of a crime scene.. just not sure there’s enough cover to make it work if I use myself.. πŸ˜‰

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