Peter Parker Cameo in Captain America Civil War only part of Spider-Man appearances

Some of us have been waiting for the integration of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while. Not necessarily for speculation purposes, even though Spider-man Civil War speculation is there, but out of fondness for the character and for him to be done right. Hopefully, allowing Marvel Studios to handle the character will mean he will be done correctly.

Actor Tom Holland may have just finished filming his scenes for Captain America: Civil War, but that does not mean this will be Spider-Man’s only scenes.

According to Birth.Movies.Death:

“It’s important here to know that Tom Holland shooting his bit isn’t the same as Spider-Man shooting his bit. Spider-Man has been on that set for a while, played by stunt men. All you need Tom Holland for is any Peter Parker scenes, because otherwise he can come into a local recording studio and loop Spidey’s dialogue at any point between now and release. Basically if Spidey’s mask is off you need Tom Holland, but every other scene happens without him. ”

While it is a pretty safe bet that the Iron-Spider Costume first featured in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #529 will probably not appear but the Spider-Man appearance in Civil War #2 is still a good pick up. (Again, he probably will not go unmasked and reveal his identity).

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