So what is the deal with Imperium #7

Imperium #7 was supposed to come out today. Some shops reported getting it and others didn’t. I heard the word “allocation” thrown around.

Did you get a copy of Imperium #7? Checked with several east coast shops and they seem to be getting them next week.

I was told by one big shop it is “Wonky Valiant Shipping.”

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  1. A good friend of mine owns a small shop in north Alabama. Diamond has been screwing him lately on some of the small press stuff. They back ordered and then canceled his orders of sex criminals 11 and enormous.

    Not sure about this book but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t get allocated his copies of this either.

    1. Yeah, only one shop in my area usually orders enough Valiant to get the 1:20 or higher variants which they sell as a 1:20 variant. Most of the time if I really want one of those, I just order off Midtown if I can, I actually save money even with shipping most of the time.

  2. On our invoice for next week. we’re in delaware-and it made me chilledto the bone when i started seeing others have for sale-but def next week for us. Don’t usually order a whole heckuvva lotta valiant(although always get atleast a few of each title) same thing for bloodshot reborn 5

  3. My LCS here in Mesa AZ did not get any Valiant books: Bloodshot and Imperium. I checked with a few others in the area, and it doesn’t look like this shipping oddity is not exclusive to the east coast.

  4. Cover B is already purple triangled on Diamond, but Cover A is still good to order. We did not receive any copies of #7 this week, nor did the big box store, or the awful comic mini-chain across town. So at least here in the small Kansas college town I’m in there were no copies this week.

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