Buyer Beware: Some Odd Walking Dead eBay Auctions.

Skimming eBay for key comics can be fun. It can be even more fun to skim eBay for fun or odd auctions. These auctions are in the latter category. Check them out, but trust me (and check out the photos) Buyer Beware!

First up is this copy of Walking Dead #19. A very desirable book in its own right. But check out an excerpt from the description:

So douchebags are you satisfied yet with the pictures why don’t you try to zoom do u not have zoom? it’s mint like i said, pristine like I said but now it’s been out of the package so who ever bid on it that is if it isn’t one of you c***s, anyway my hand will be forced to give them all the information I do have on you which was really easy to find the internet awesome all of you guys that have messaged me harassing me like psychos sexist losers. I will give every information he needs to know because now it will b his or whoever wins comic book has been opened and it has never been open has not been touched in 10 years, but hey you also got a sneak peek of what you bought peace out

Photos of the book include several with an out stretched middle finger over each of the pictures of the book.

There is also a copy of Walking Dead #27 from the same seller. The description includes the following:

Yes here we are the comic you’ve all been waiting 4. the governor!!!!! what are you going to do? I’m scared, I’m running I’m not going to lie I wouldn’t live in that crazy world with him he’s psycho and I would have put one in between his eyes like day one, but that’s just woman’s intuition you wouldn’t know anything about that would you unless there is a girl reading this and in that case you know what I’m talking about. Anyway we all know this comics worth guys and I’m not going to go lower just because right now some people are going lower as you can see I don’t follow the crowds dude I create them so don’t try to lowball me I’m not down not on this one.

And then it gets stranger. This one which ends with a picture of Walking Dead #27 plus a ton of bullets including what looks like hollow points.

11 thoughts on “Buyer Beware: Some Odd Walking Dead eBay Auctions.”

  1. I dunno. Seeing as how that seller has a ‘Rare Rhinestone Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bra’ (and they don’t just hand those out to anyone!), I’d say they were LEGIT. Buy their comics! 🙂

  2. Dude… She has auctions up now where she is calling out other eBay users in the title and calling them names. I’ve had occasions in the past where people try to beat me down and tell me I’m overpriced. If they get obnoxious, I just ignore them. Not a big deal. Can only shake my head at this one…

  3. People like this are a disgusting stinky stain on a white shirt. They need to be removed from eBay. I wonder if the people she listed and posted information about can pursue any action through eBay. They definitely should. I sell and buy on eBay, a lot, and if someone did that to me I wouldn’t stop until they were banned.
    The eBayers prices are crazy, pictures are garbage and the description is 100+ words with zero periods. Please people, report this pathetic excuse of a seller and ban them. /rant

  4. What can you do? There will always be a certain percentage of the population that are just D-bags… and that portion usually gets off on being D-bags which in turn makes them even bigger D-bags. Just laugh at whoever it is and move on.

  5. Errm… what the frack??!!, who is this creature?.. the account was made in 2011 with only 1 feedback, this is either a hacked account and someone is trolling in it, or the seller is genuine and is just completely tapped lol. Either way they won’t last more than another day or two, one of the listings in the links has already been removed and there will most likely be more removed very quickly.

  6. There is one way to fix stupid people on eBay.. report their items. Enough reports from enough people and eBay will take action.

  7. There’s someone selling a Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., Joe Sinnott signed Marvel Masterworks Hardcover. Talk about buyer beware – you gotta see the attempt at forgery on all 3 of these autographs. It’s not even close to authentic and yet the buyer claims he got them all on different occasions.

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