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Hey what’s up CHU? Mel the Movie Guy here. When I first started reading comics I tended to shy away from the Graphic Novel section, for reasons I do not understand till to this day. So when writer Jeff Kaufman contacted me and said he was going to send me an advanced look at the Bayou Bound graphic novel he had been working on, I thought to myself “this is going to take me weeks to read”. Boy was I wrong. I ripped right through it.


So, let’s get into what it is about. The story is that of a 22-year-old guy, Chris, who gets stuck in Wildwood, Louisiana. He gets deputized to handle all of the town’s supernatural cases, and like any good Louisiana town there are lots of them. Think of it as a cross between Supernatural and True Blood, but without all the silly stuff that came with True Blood. The book has some great comedic elements to it but also has it’s dark side too. Wildwood is packed full of werewolves, ghost, Valkyries, and all sorts of other creatures (hey it is Creature Entertainment).

This book is so well written I breezed through the 1st half of it and had to stop and call Mr. Kaufman and tell him how impressed I was with the pacing and characters dialog. It’s difficult to tell jokes in a comic book medium, but Kaufman made it work, I found myself laughing quite a bit while reading this book.

The art in Bayou Bound is very well done by Kevin West and inked masterfully by legend in the making Jose Marzan. Beautifully well-drawn shots and angles help keep the pace of the action flowing as every few pages something is going on in the town of Wildwood.

The characters in Bayou Bound help make this book shine. They are set up really well as the first few pages unfold and by the end of the book you will be very in tune with each of the main characters. There are even some familiar faces from Kaufman’s other books which came in a form of a nice splash page (I truly marked out when I saw one of the cameos).

The ending came together nicely, but there was a major twist. In my opinion, this definitely has a TV deal written all over it. As a matter of fact, there is even a joke in Bayou Bound about being something that would be on the SyFi Channel.

I HIGHLY recommend Bayou Bound. If you’re a fan of fast paced, well drawn, and equally well written action comedy and horror all rolled into one then do not miss this one. You still hive time to tell you LCS to order these, the cutoff date is 8/18/2015 use code AUG151300.

This book has a lot of pluses, a limited print run of 5000 copies, which will make it hard to find. It has great story and art. Last but not least it is put out by Creature Entertainment, which has put out a couple of hits on its hand recently, The Gun and Ravenous.

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