The Comic Con Box Flip idea


Would you like a months worth of free stuff via? Or six months worth of free Comic Con Boxes? Here is a flip idea. 

Comic Con Box, the subscription box service from Wizard World (they say it is a premium box subscription service, or a con in a box), has a Batman Adventures #12 Comic Con Box Variant in it. The Box costs $29.99 plus shipping. The Batman Adventures #12 Comic Con Box Variant is selling for $54 online. Buy the box. List the Book. Make a profit. And keep all the other goodies in the box.


If you do a 6 month subscription at $179, you get the Batman Adventures #12 Comic Con Box Variant plus a Batman Adventures #12 Black and White Comic Con Box Variant. The Batman Adventures #12 Black and White Comic Con Box Variant is currently listed at $149.00. Add that in with the color variant selling at $54 and you are looking at $203, well above the $179 cost plus you get to keep (or sell) the other stuff from the six months worth of boxes.


19 thoughts on “The Comic Con Box Flip idea”

  1. Nice I will most likely order this for the wife since her B-day is coming up next month. Thanks for the heads up Tony…

  2. Nice idea! I didn’t know their variants are so valuable. Thanks for the tip, even breaking even is worth the investment to keep the loot

  3. but why would the comic be selling for almost double the cost of the box that it comes in? people will probably catch on, yeah?

    1. Because people do. I can’t explain it but there are copies that have sold already. Not as many people are as hip to Comic Con Box as say Loot Crate. When they find out they can get an Exclusive BA 12 (thinking this is the only 2nd print of the comic it self ((not including the story being reprinted in trade form). Needless to say there is only about 15 days to order it. Some people will find out too late.

  4. Yeah I think people have. I don’t think these things are selling. But they may do in future. Surely we’re reaching Harley saturation?

  5. Tempting….

    But I already spent too much this money this month and whiffed on a sealed Skybound box (color/no ticket of course).

    And plus I seem to have pretty bad luck selling on Ebay so far. Maybe it’s because that I only have thirtyish feedback (all positive) but they’re all for buying.

    But still, tempting…

      1. I did have luck in regards to the condition of mine. All were in great condition cept for witch doctor which had a slight corner ding.

  6. its nice to have another print of the book, but they could have chosen a better cover, ivy looks like shes melting and batgirl looks like mister fantastic, an actual well done cover would have made this THE hottest book online, and its value would have sky rocketed once these had all been ordered, especially if the print is 1,500 or less

  7. Some hardcore collectors are not bargain hunters and may use eBay as their first source, it doesn’t always have to make sense 😀

    I have partially or fully reimbursed myself on several subscription crates. I have found prices for hot items are strong until the order deadline, then peak around the time the boxes are arriving, then cool off in a month or two. On this one I’m really liking the idea of trying for the six month and being able to get it without much out of pocket. Even if the BW variant doesn’t go for as much, I’m sure I could break even or better on the next 5 boxes and keep plenty of fun stuff for myself. Thanks again!

    1. No worries. I thought it was a cool idea and gave it a go myself. I am not affiliated with comic con box in anyway. Was doing a search on BA 12 and these came up and I was curious. Went to the site and they were for sale, this is how I stumble in half the stuff I do. Just looking around. Did the math and it kind of made sense to try it.

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  8. I thought about doing this too. But I would not sell until I have the book in hand. If value drops before I ship it on eBay I’m sure the buyer will claim it got damaged during shipping and get a full refund.

  9. I couldn’t help myself. I broke down and got the 6 month subscription with just a few hours to spare.

    Harley keeps getting hotter, so I don’t see how this can’t be a win. Is there a way to figure out the print run of these?

    And do you think these covers will have long term spec potential, or would it be better to unload between now and the movie?

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