One to Watch Deadpool Vs. Thanos 2015 Retailer Summit Previews Exclusive Variant Cover Edition

Coinciding with the Baltimore Comic Con, my home town show, Diamond has been leaking out a few of the Retailer Summit Previews Exclusive Variants. The last one that popped up was for Star Wars and you guys got them quicker than I have ever seen something disappear. Well, another one has been put up for pre-order (I ordered in advance of putting this up to make sure I got one.) The new Retailer Summit Variant is for everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.

Preview of the cover art has not been released yet, and it is not showing on the list of giveaways for retailers yet. (The Star Wars Cover has been and is on the link above). But make sure to grab your copy of Deadpool Vs. Thanos 2015 Retailer Summit Previews Exclusive Variant Cover Edition before they are gone. This one may really be of interest since there are so many Deadpool fans and collectors, and, you may have heard of this, Deadpool is getting a movie.

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    1. LOL I have less than five of each cover left now of the Enormous ones. The price i am asking is pretty high. I have been selling them for as much as $50 each as the pile dwindles, and no copies every come available on the secondary market. I did sell some damaged ones, three copy lot at auction, and they closed for $35 for damaged copies!

  1. Forbidden Planet in the UK were still accepting pre-orders for these until 2nd Sept (although they have been known to suddenly cancel or allocate,) Although don’t know if their shipping to the states is reasonable and worthwhile.
    Can’t find anywhere in the UK selling the Star Wars one. But there are so many variants for it I have not been this confused as to which one to get since my better half asked me to get sanitary towels whilst out shopping! Are they doing a Star Wars variant with wings?!

    1. Wings the Paul McCartney band? Wings on the comic to make the comic into an x-wing? Lol sorry. There will be as many variants for this one as for the first issue of the regular series I believe.

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      1. Star Wars – The Paul McCartney variant!…….surely it would say ‘Vader I’m Amazed’ or ‘Obi Wan After 909’…………..For more Beatles/Star Wars puns please subscribe to…..!

      2. Abbey Road homage cover would be awesome (didn’t they do one for the x-men /deadpool once?). Also a Sgt Pepper cover would work. You could also do one jedi/rebels and one sith. Do we get commission if Marvel picks this up!

  2. That’s good. I wasn’t able to order any that’s why I was asking to see if I could of bought one from you. But it’s cool. I will check ebay to see if I can get a cheap copy before they start to go up. Thank you and cheers to all you lucky people that got there copies…

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