By the Numbers: July’s print run

Print runs are important to hot comics, in demand comics with small print runs can mean big returns. Comichron runs the print run numbers each month. Here are some of the important numbers for July’s releases.

The Top Five:

1 Secret Wars 4 221,041
2 Star Wars Lando 1 192,949
3 Civil War 1 170,546
4 Star Wars 7 160,000
5 Batman 42 117,441

The Bottom Five:

364 Fox (Dark Circle) 4 4,022
366 Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood 12 4,004
368 Grimm Fairy Tales Oz Reign of Witch Queen 3 3,970
372 Letter 44 18 3,941
382 Fathom Blue 2 3,656

Books of note:
Transference 1 5,104 – Black Mask continues to put out great books with tiny print runs. From what I hear many Black Mask books have media deals in the works, so they are always worth picking up.

Enormous V2 1 5,318- Coming in way smaller than expected, even with the push of a new #1. Completely sold out and going back for a second print.

21st Century Tank Girl 2 5,993- Small print run, sexy cover. Highly sought after.

Power Up 1 6,974- This pick of the week came in with a small print run. All ages book with ties to media (Adventure Time.)

Strange Fruit 1 14,513- Strong talent on this book, but still under 15,000 copies.

The full list of July’s comic print runs can be found at here

5 thoughts on “By the Numbers: July’s print run”

  1. Transference #1 is the only Black Mask on the list so all those other issues they put out in July are less than 3656… no wonder They Can Never Go Home #3 was so hard to come by.

  2. the LCS has about 20 copies of Transference #1, both covers…..doesn’t seem to be moving so I haven’t picked one up yet. Once I see that stack start to get smaller, I’ll jump in.

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