Hip Hop Family Tree optioned for TV

Out today, Hip Hop Family Tree has been optioned for an animated TV show. Ed Piskor writer and artist for the comic mentioned this on Twitter and Facebook. This is definitely one to pick up:
From Tech Times:

author Ed Piskor announced on Twitter and Facebook Monday that he has sold the rights for Hip Hop Family Tree to become an animated series, as part of a recent development deal. Piskor didn’t provide any further details about when we might be seeing this new animated series or any specifics on what it will be about, but he promised in his post on Facebook that there would be “more on this later.”

Hip Hop Family Tree started out as a web-comic before getting collected into graphic novel form. The first regular comic issue was the FCBD Hip Hop Family Tree Two-in-One FCBD in 2014, followed by the FCBD 2015 issue. The first issue of the ongoing series, Hip Hop Family Tree is out today and is selling out on-line.

16 thoughts on “Hip Hop Family Tree optioned for TV”

  1. The two local shops I visited did not seem to have these. Grahamcrackers shows it’s out next Wednesday the 26th.. did these get allocated or something? Only Midtown and TFAW I’ve seen so far had these online for sale today.

  2. I found two bagged and boarded copies of the FCBD issue at my LCS. The shop owner said to just taken them free.

  3. He said alot of rappers have reached out with praise and approval and some tell him their own versions of the stories so he gets them right.

  4. I was a professional wrestler around the east coast from 1997- 2004 and I wrestled with and was good friends with his brother Bobby Piskor. I saw a lot of his work before he was published at their house in Munhall, PA about 30 min. From where I lived.

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