Wednesday Winner: Young Terrorists #1

We love picking up comics on Wednesday. We love picking up comics on Wednesday that sell for more than cover price by Wednesday Night. Young Terrorists #1 is one of those books.

Young Terrorists #1 is already sold out and moving to a second print. The regular cover is selling for as much as twice cover price. The Young Terrorists #1 Variants are selling for as much as 3x cover price. Not bad if you are able to find cover c or d.

You can still pick up the Young Terrorists #1 Signed Third Eye Variant for under $20 shipped.

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    1. Sold out at the distributor level does not mean retailers will be sold out of copies. In this case, yes the publisher does have copies for sale. But the truth remains, it is sold out at Diamond and is going for a second printing and is selling for more than cover on the secondary market.

    1. Lol. There were 13 store exclusives. Two regular covers. A 1:5 and a 1:10. And now a second print variant. 18 total so far.

      I sent out a beautiful collection of We Can Never Go Home’s to CBCS for a reader. He had most of the variants for #1 and they all got signed. It was an impressive collection. Of course I picked up the Books A million variants for #1 the week after the signing.

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      1. Ha ha, those were mine!

        We Can Never Go Home is now up to 32 variants, with issue 4 and 5 still to come. At least with WCNGH it was a slow release.

        By my count Young Terrorists is at 21 variants: 1A, 1B, 1C, Templesmith, Rick’s, Ssalefish, Larry’s 50, Larry’s 100, Larry’s 350, Larry’s 500, Jetpack, BAM, New England, Wade’s, Comicxposure, Newbury, Beach Ball, EH!, Black Cat, Njoy, Hastings.

        And I’m certain more are going to show up. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea and think it’s cool, but it’s tough when these stores are charging $10-15 per variant.

      2. I’m starting to settle into the idea of just getting the variants my LCS has. <gasp. I know, it's CHU sacrilege.

        I think there's something to be said about cool regional variants that you nab just because you're around that store.

        DrunkWooky says as he has 4 Shattered Empire preorders out….

  1. The shipping included with ordering directly from black mask is very high. I think $11 or so for this title. I love black mask books, but not their method or cost of shipping.

      1. For me, Doggystyle was my intro into the “gangster” rap scene, so it’s a bit of a sentiment. The NWA cover relates the most for me.. These were guys who were revolutionary on so many levels.

  2. South Florida here, my local shop, Tate’s, had their own variant as well. Funny thing is, since I’m home with the kids this week, we were able to hit the store right after opening yesterday, found only 1 cover a and 1 cover c, but a boatload of the store’s variant, and there weren’t bagged either.

    Been lurking here for almost two years, I finally made time for my first post……woohoooooo. Great site Anthony, love the comments as much as the original post, sometimes more.

    1. I went with just the Black Mask covers myself except the Third Eye signed copy I got Anthony to grab for me.

      Yeah, it seemed only covers A, B and C were polybagged. Even the 1:10 Templesmith variant I picked up at one store weren’t bagged.

  3. Yeah I passed on this book. I think that all the exclusive variants is what did it for me. I hope black mask doest start doing what marvel is doing with the crazy over the top variants thing. Not a thing you see on small indi company

  4. Much like Mark Anthony above, I enjoy the posts and this will be my my first as well (unless you count throwing my name into the ring for the contests). I read the preview for Young Terrorists (I think it was in the Disciples comic) and was so not interested. Now that I hear about the variants, I am glad I did not buy in. Are people just buying books for the variant cover these days? I’ll stick with quality story and interior art any day. Nothing against speculators and flippers (there is obviously a market is out there that wants them), but I just see another 90’s bust coming.

    1. For some possibly. But people collect comics for different reasons. Personally, I liked the story in YT. I like politically charged things, it is what drew me to punk music to begin with.

      So there are people who buy the covers because they like them. Some are completists and will buy all the covers. Some will buy certain covers because it is an homage to something else they like.

      If you take out the 13 store exclusives, which you should, there were four covers to the book. The store exclusives are just something a little different the stores get to offer to their customers, and yes, will try to sell online to recoup their investment.

      Either way, thanks for jumping into the conversation and welcome. The more people we have commenting with different opinions will make for a more robust conversation and a more interesting community.

    2. Even as someone who is also concerned about the eventual variant causing bubble burst, I have to say that it would be a mistake to totally ignore this book. It’s very well written (at least this first issue is). Full of complex thought provoking ideas, it’s a prime example of what can be done with the comic book medium.

      1. Comicbookroundup pretty much gave it 10’s across the board except one dude from Comic Bastards.. who seems to be really picky on everything he reviews.

        I have yet to read it but from skimming it, I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it. I like a mix of politics in my stories from time to time.

      1. Do Polybags still destroy comics? I remember way back when with Spider-Man #1 there was a big thing about the bag eating the comic. How long does it take for the polybag to degrade a comic? I only ask because I still have my Sex Criminals #11 polybagged and wondered how long I can keep it so

      2. Yup. The worst type is if it smells like a shower curtain. I usually take my comics out of the polybags if I’m going to keep them in the personal collection. Most publishers/distributors are likely going to go with the cheapest plastic to use in order to save so you know what that means right? Cheap = Don’t keep in cheap bag unless you want a ruined comic years from now.

  5. Wow, I think that I still have a Ghost Rider #28, Vol 2 (Rise of the Midnight Sons) from 1992 in it’s original poly-bag… I’m gonna open it and watch it crumble in my hands like ashes in the wind LOL. Seriously, love the responses and looking forward to the continued opinions. I guess I’m not into politically charge books as other’s might be. My #1 writer/artist for the time being is Jeff Lemire (He actually got me back into Bloodshot, which I gave up on because of the Valiant multiple covers marketing). Love Descender and actually went back and picked up Trillium and Sweet Tooth on ebay as well – great reads for my tastes.

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