One to watch: Sex Criminals 11 2nd Print


Didn’t get one of the inserted sketches in the bagged Sex Criminals #11? Well, here is your chance to do your own. SEX CRIMINALS #11 2ND PTG SKETCH CVR features a cover similar to that of the fourth print #1, except Matt and Chips faces are blank. You can draw your own. If that isn’t good enough, you can win a bunch of prizes from the creative team.

It could be fun to pick up a copy of SEX CRIMINALS #11 2ND PTG SKETCH CVR Here are the contest details:

FAN SKETCH CONTEST! The second printing features a faceless Fraction and Zdarsky, allowing readers to fill in with their own sketches and post photos of their finished creations on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag, #BrimperSketch. Fraction and Zdarsky will then sift through the photos submitted with the #BrimperSketch hashtag and choose one winner (U.S. & Canada only). The winner will be announced on the Image Comics website the following week, Wednesday, September 23rd.

The lucky winning participant will receive: ” one (1) signed THE WICKED & THE DIVINE #2 Zdarsky variant where Zdarsky himself has eaten the portion of the cover with McKelvie’s face in order to gain his youthful powers. ” one (1) signed copy of JUST THE TIPS where Zdarsky has drawn a penis tip on every single page. ” one (1) copy of BIG HARD SEX CRIMINALS signed by Fraction and with a personalized, handwritten erotic fan fiction story incorporating Chip Zdarsky and a character of the winner’s choosing.


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  1. Would of been better if Chip was holding a blank picture frame to do the sketch in.. blanking their faces kind of limits the possibilities of what one can sketch.

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