Kickstarter Comics: The Gun #2

We had featured The Gun #1 from Creature Entertainment a while back, which heated up. We were the first to tell you about the rare The Gun #1 Kickstarter Variant which sells for around $100. Now, we are bringing the second Kickstarter campaign for the book, this time for issue #2.

Here is the pitch for issue #2:

THE GUN #2 is the story of Norman, a good man bagged in a big sack of loser. He has always done “the right thing” and the right thing has brought him nothing but misery. Crap job. Crap life. Wife gone. The one point of light in his dark dismal bucket of existence is his children. But even with them, he is failing.

He is a schlub, but a good schlub. His job is crap, he looks like crap, and generally his life is crap. Passed up for promotion, stepped on by his peers, he’s starting to realize that there is no just reward. The world is what you make of it… what you take of it. At the end of his rope, he decides to take what is owed to him. And, as the world comes crashing down on him, he decides to take hold of fate… and fate comes in the form of a GUN.

This issue taps into the many patterns that we are setting out for the series. When we started the GUN, we began to explore different genres of storytelling, using different creative teams, trying out new artists and writers, and making new stand-alone stories.

We wanted it to be a mechanism we could mess around with, one with simple rules: the Gun must enter the story and then exit the story, and each story should stand alone as one issue. That’s it. Other than that, we sometimes play with the idea of certain recurring characters and our own type of tropes.

THE GUN issue 1 had been a success for us for some time during the convention circuit. But it was only later, when we finally solicited it through DIAMOND DISTRIBUTION to the comic shops, that it became such a great success, selling out completely. After the success of RAVENOUS, we knew that we wanted to hit issue 2 hard. We already had it in development and were super happy with it, but after seeing the art of Andres Manuel Labrada and the color work by Daniela Larez, everyone here at Creature was ecstatic.

Check out the video for issue 2 (lightly NSFW do to slight boobage) and check out the Kickstarter here.

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  1. Yep i can confirm there were about only 300 printed on the Variants of the kickstarter..this is one of those Kickstarter campaigns where u can actually make mony with your pledge .Gun 2 will be HUGE ..if yiu liked #1 your gonna love #2

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