Mel’s Variant Picks of the Week of 8/26/15

What’s up Chu? Mel here again bringing more variant picks for the week. Remember variants can go up, variants can go down, but if you buy the art that you like you can never go wrong. Here is what I am feeling this week:

Ok here is what I am looking at this week. Three low priced covers (should be able to pick all up for under $15)

carol manga

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #3 Manga Variant– Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are hot. This low priced variant is worth picking up.

ant manga

Ant-Man Last Days One Shot Manga Variant– Again a low priced variant, just a great looking cover.


Drive #1 Subscription cover– You think females do not like Ryan Gosling, you have never been on Pinterest. This cover features Ryan Goslings Driver character. Plop it on Amazon and wait for the sales.

See ya’ll next week. Happy spec-ing

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