We Can Never Go Home to return in 2016

The cool thing about doing the site and meeting creators is they tell you things in advance of them happening. The down side is sometimes the things they tell you are off the record and you cannot print. This was the case. Matthew Rosenberg mentioned back on the 8/8/14 signing that We Can never Go Home would be back in 2016 and it would be an ongoing.

Now it is official as he changed his Twitter account with the following picture.


The picture clearly shows that the book will be returning next year. Rosenberg mentioned they would be taking a break between the first story arc and the second and return.

If you have missed out on the series, they will be releasing a Trade Paper Back of the first arc for $9.99 (TFAW has them for pre-order for $7.99).

This news of the series continuing should keep prices on the back issues pretty stable. If I could only mention the rest of what he told me, it might make the series heat up even more.

Also getting the Trade Paper Back treatment is Space Riders.Sadly I missed out on the first issue and have been wanting to read this, the art is crazy good with a 60’s pop-art feel. Rosenberg tweeted this out today as well.


13 thoughts on “We Can Never Go Home to return in 2016”

      1. I was the same with Space Riders #1, I passed it up originally, same with issue #2. But I did pick up the 2nd printing and then picked up the #3. I just need to find #2 or wait until #2 has a second print (which I hope will happen).

    1. I think it’s a big deal. Every story I see on this book, seems like a big deal to me. Small indie hits home run. I love it. Rosenberg is nice and down to earth, and I wish this book was talked about more haha.

  1. I called around couple of local shops and found issue 1 2nd print and 2-4 1st prints all at cover. I am stoked. Ebay wants way to much. So glad I was able to find them. Now I can read the series and see what the book is about.

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