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  1. Must not watch video…..must not watch video….want to be surprised…..but I want to know WHAT’S IN THE BOX!!….must not watch video…..

    (My box isn’t scheduled for delivery til Friday)


    1. Jason, play the video, several times, just dont look. It gets my hit count up on youtube which will generate like one penny in revenue for me. now i just need 20,000 more people to do it and i might make $1

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    2. Well, I got my box today. I was pretty excited. I ordered the 6 month sub so I also got the Antman sketch and B/W BA 12 variants. All good except one thing, my B/W BA 12 has a crease about a half inch from the spine from top to bottom. 🙁 Most definitely not good. I have sent them an email with pic so lets see how they respond. The box wasn’t damaged and everything else was in great condition.

      On a side note: I got a sonic the hedgehog pixel brick and my plush was pac-man…

      I was also really happy with those prints, very cool…

      No bonus item for me either.

  2. Hey guys. I have never signed up for any of the subscription boxes out there and after watching this video I am sad I missed out. I am thinking about getting the 6 month sub to comic con box for the sketch variant and 6 months of cool stuff. Do you feel this is a worthwhile box month in and out? What are some other good ones? I’m a big horror/sci-fi fan as well.

      1. Hahaha great minds think alike. Bought the 6 month subscriptions for Horror Block and Comic Con Box before I left work today. Went with 6 months for the price reduction on horror and the bonus stuff for comic con. Both seem top notch after watching many unboxing videos. Killing time while code compiles.

        1. I still like loot crate but since it covers so many different types of “nerd-dom” it can be hit or miss for me. I loved comic con box but the $30 price tag each month seems steep. Going to give marvel Collectors corp a try.

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      2. The first Marvel Collector Corp box seemed excellent but the second only so so. The price isn’t too different on that though, is it? I’d rather pay more to get higher quality items but you are right, especially with the shipping to me bringing the Comic Con Box monthly cost up to $39. I think with the extra variants I am getting and will get since you get extras for longer subscriptions, I could sell them and recoup all or almost all my six month cost and cancel if the box isn’t worth it down the road.

      1. Yeah, it’s not terrible but they could be better I think. Honestly I’d pay $5 more a month if it meant cooler items. I don’t care about quantity, I want quality.

        Every month they send out a review and every month I tell them to drop the lootcrate buttons, I don’t care about the box if it has a design on it or not and stop sending the magazine, all three of those things are just making their way to a landfill (well, the paper gets thrown in the recycle bin but who knows if it’s actually getting recycled).

      2. I completely agree about quality vs quantity. I would rather get 3 nice sized, cool items that I actually want than a box overflowing with “stocking stuffer” junk. Pins and patches and wrist bands don’t do much for me. One of the reasons I went with the comic con box as that is what they seem to be doing for the most part. Horror block gives you Rue Morgue every month but I like that magazine so I’m ok with it in there.

  3. Hey just wondering if any of you guys got the Batman #50 and Superman #50 comic con box B/W sketches??? Will pay a kings ransom for them if any of you guys happen to have them.

    1. Nope. Mine came with the color Superman. Now I don’t mind not getting the black and white, but why do connecting covers for two books if you only give out one? Also, the last box was advertised to have two comics, one color and one black and white as per the press release comic con box put out. When it only came with one comic I emailed Wizard and they said there was an error in their press release. I call shenanigans on that.

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