One to Watch: Marvel knights Spider-Man #20


These things happen. They make a small change to a character and a dollar bin book blows up. So please add this book to your weekend back issue bin raids.

Marvel Knights Spiderman #20 has an appearance, a first appearance if you will, of Mary Jane in an Iron Man Armor. News (rumors) has been spreading that Mary Jane Watson Parker would be getting an Iron Man book. Larry Doherty of keeps using the catch term “Spider-Mom” as he said this is what he has been hearing.


Needless to say, Marvel Knights Spiderman #20 has become a hot ticket item and is selling well on eBay. has some cheap copies left (in F condition).

Also be on the look out for the variant featuring Scarlet Spider on the cover.


13 thoughts on “One to Watch: Marvel knights Spider-Man #20”

  1. Would be nice if you actually credited Jimmy and his site for this pick and speculation. You shout-out Larry, but not the source. You are getting greedy TH.

    1. I like Jimmy but did not use his site. The tip came to me from a reader, Darren M. via email. I always give credit when I use stuff from other sites but did notice I forgot to thank Darren for the tip. I have no idea where he got it from.

      I don’t think I am being greedy at all. Sometimes I am the first with stuff and sometimes I am not. If I am not I always credit where it is from. Larry was credited for the Spider-mom bit and the fact he and I have been emailing back and forth on the ASM RYV #5. That started the night before the issue came out

      Sorry if you think I “stole” from Jimmy, again whom I respect, but I haven’t visited Jimmy’s site in a while.

    2. BleedingCool posted about this on Sept 9th. Jimmy’s post was on Sept 10th, he mentions BleedingCool so that’s where he likely got his info from. I’m pretty sure a lot of spec sites have mentioned this tidbit of info.. so jumping quickly to tell one site to give another site credit that they likely don’t even deserve I think is getting a little carried away!

  2. Just snagged the regular cover thirty minutes ago for $2. Unfortunately it’s not really NM (I’m not the best at grading anyways).

  3. Picked a few this weekend for $1.20 each “just in case”. Figured there were very low risk purchases if the rumors were true. Not sure I like MJ as an Iron Mom, but will give it a shot. Might be silly, might be good. We will see.

  4. If all this is true I wonder how it will affect Amazing Spiderman #25 vol 1. MJ’s first appearance. Kind of a pricey silver age book already.

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