Wednesday Winner: Ms. Marvel #19 Manga Variant


It is always great to walk into your local comic shop and pick up comics each Wednesday, it is even better when some of the books you picked up can be sold for multiple times cover price by the end of the week. Ms Marvel #18 Manga Variant is one of those books.

Mel V. writes for

I kicked myself once I submitted my Variant picks to Tony ,and I realized I forgot to put the Ms Marvel Manga Variant. I’ve been keeping my eye on this little beauty since Wednesday and its steadily climbing. While there are still a few for sae at less than cover price, I’m seeing multiple sales of $9.99 on Ebay and they are going for a bit more on some of the Buy/Sale FB groups. Keep your eyes on this one, I think they were under ordered as these things were hard as heck to find in NYC.


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      1. Its better now. They stopped putting their comics in bags and boards for a while but my last 10 orders of so have been bagged/boarded and arrived just fine

    1. I ordered 4 from there last week. I’ve received 3 so far (in two separate packages) and still have 1 outstanding. All three have come with no issues. I checked this morning and they’re sold out.

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