Todd McFarlane Twitter account hacked

Hoping that Todd McFarlane’s twitter password was not SPAWN, but it seems that Todd McFarlane’s twitter account has been hacked. With gems like the following


And some that we won’t be posting here.

8 thoughts on “Todd McFarlane Twitter account hacked”

  1. WOW!!! See this is why I don’t have none of that social medial crap cuz I don’t want things like this to get out into the public. This sucks big time for him… lesson learned.

    1. Use really long passwords that make no sense. It doesn’t matter how complicated your 6-8 character password is, the key to security for passwords is length.

      Afjk9#@9l <- looks secure, is secure against human guessing but not computers.

      theM00nmanFleweththerein60s(yeah) <- easier to remember for human to memorize (not so easy for people to guess) but would take hundreds or thousands of years for a computer cracker program to brute force attack.

      I make all my passwords at least 16 characters minimum, mixing the case with numbers and special characters. And for sites that have sensitive information about me, each site gets a unique password while also getting changed every 3 months. Yeah, I work in IT and yeah, I'm big on security. 😉

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