What’s the deal with Enormous #8 B cover?

So many of you, myself included, went to the shops to pick up new comics and especially the new Enormous out today. To many of our dismay there was only one of the two covers, the A cover. 

Nowhere to be found is the B cover. Poyo mentioned this is the comment section earlier. Turns out on the Diamond System the book is listed as “TBD” for the date and stores were only shipped the “A” cover.

Normally this is due to the book not being ready, a problem with the books getting to Diamond on time, or a Diamond error.

I know Tim Daniel said the book would be in stores today so unsure what the problem is. Most likely Diamond screwing up again. they just do not seem to want this book to be successful.

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  1. If I went the lottery (it’s got to be the big jackpot, 100+ million), I’m starting my own distribution to rival Diamond because Diamond sucks!

          1. I was just reading some of Diamond’s history as well. After reading more and finding other articles, I can say I really don’t like that man or his company even more. I didn’t know he’s almost bankrupted it before. He likes to buy expensive collections and then stop payments as well.. doesn’t come off as a good person over all. So yeah, this monopoly needs to be busted up.

      1. I would love to see small distribution chains for smaller books. I talked to 215 Ink previously about getting the books when they are sent to Diamond, months before they hit the stores because of diamonds hold up, and distrusting them myself.

      1. I ordered them all back in like January. But opted to wait until they are all released before they ship them to me. So yeah, Diamond needs to stop delaying these books, I want my sketch variants of Enormous already!

  2. Isn’t the guy behind the Enormous TV show the same guy who was behind the Hitman movie? In that case, someone really doesn’t want this series to be successful!

  3. Midtown didn’t get any at all. Not even on the release list they have hanging on the rack that you can physically check. I asked the clerks and they said it never came in today. Bummer. Usually midtown is my go to place. Maybe it is something with Diamond like everyone is saying.

    Any updates on the tv show?

  4. One of my local got Enormous #2A in. However, their system read that the release is next week…so they wouldn’t sell it to me and set it aside for me…weird.

  5. This is from Tim on the CGC boards


    Looks as if Cover B will be in stores at a later date.

    This is not a Diamond error.

    This was a printing error I just learned of today.

    Thank you for calling this to my attention and for the patience.

    Appreciate the multitude of eyes and ears.”

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