Paper Girls #1 Redux

We mentioned Paper Girls #1 the other night as one to watch. They are selling out on-line as soon as they are posted up. Found these for less than cover price.

Bombshellcomics has Paper Girls #1 on sale for $2.49 plus shipping. Might be worth looking at.

28 thoughts on “Paper Girls #1 Redux”

  1. I should write and illustrate comic about when I was a paperboy in the early to mid 80’s…. Don’t know how well it would sell since the most exciting thing that happened was is snowed pretty bad an my father drove me one Sunday morning. The Pointer Sisters song “Automatic” was playing on the radio. Neither of us touched the dial or met eye contact…The song played until it was over.

    1. You know, a good writer could turn any story into an interesting one. Write it well enough to captivate your reading audience and you have a winner. 😉

      1. Hmmmmm…if only I could spell….. There was the time my dad was driving me to the mall when I was barely a teen. “Like a Virgin” came on the radio by Madonna… That song didn’t last long. The rest of the drive was spent in silence with the usual no eye contact rule firmly enforced.

      1. He’s saying there are 24k copies still available to buy from Diamond cause Image is now over printing to avoid 2nd prints.. this one will go to second print though, maybe even a 3rd.

      1. Well, they’re still completely re-oderable from Diamond so you’ve got plenty of time to up your order if you want more from a brick and mortar store.

  2. It looks like this book will have more then 60k prints. But I am still in. It still doesn’t compare to Marvel or DC prints. Marvel had a huge print runt for the secret wars ark and people still make it sell out. With such a great writer, this book is a winner. Can’t wait for it and I know I won’t regret buying my copies.

    1. Yup. Print runs do not matter. What matters is overall demand. The only time print runs factor in value is when the demand is high but the availability is low, so they only assist in the value, but demand drives value. They both play a role but when you break it down, demand trumps print run.

      You can have a million copies and if 2 million people want a copy, the value will go up depending on how much people are willing to pay. You could also have a million copies that no one wants so they sell at cover or less (50 cent bin).

      You could also have a print run of say, 50 copies of a book but if it had zero demand, then the book is worth cover value or less. This example is the exact reason one cannot base value on the print run, because without actual demand of the product, print run means nothing.

  3. agentpoyo – completely true !!! you are right. However with Image printing 24,000 copies MORE than what retailers ordered for their file customers is pretty darn high so beware

    1. Hopefully this ensures I can actually get a copy instead of hearing that my shop was shorted. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing my shop tell me that they ordered plenty and received a fraction of the order.

  4. I also just ordered two copies, but I am sure I will be able to pick up a couple more when they come out. Does anybody know of any variants for #1?

  5. No 2nd prints for any of Paper Girls 1-5….a rarity even with the over printing. Vaughan is not a big fan of 2nd printings. Certainly one to hang on to for later.

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