Free Comic Wednesday: Enormous Vol.2 #1 ComicXposure variant

Last week we gave away the reverse variant for this issue. This week we are giving away the regular Enormous Vol.2 #1 ComicXposure variant. 

Rulea are simple. Enter your name below. One entry per person. Winner drawn at random. Ships free in the U.S. Foreign winners agree to chip in for shipping. That is it. Good luck. 


109 thoughts on “Free Comic Wednesday: Enormous Vol.2 #1 ComicXposure variant”

    1. And now that I think about it your habs took my Capitals out of playoff contention on the last year that I had season tickets so I may have to disqualify you out of spite. (It’s in the rules. Somewhere near the bottom)

        1. I pretty sure you guys have a cable channel which is just the Stanley Cup rotating in a pedestal all the time.

          My brother works in hockey and secured the cup at our local rink where we grew up as ice rats. We had a private showing where we got pictures with it holding it up. Was bad ass.

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