Clone Getting Live Adaptation Movie

Appears that Clone from Skybound is back on the radar after the previous attempts to adapt the property into a tv show failed. Now it looks like it will be adapted into a feature film from Universal.

The cheapest play here is grabbing the $1.35 NM copies off Mycomicshop (this link will take you right to them) but do not expect them to last long. There are also cheap copies of Clone #1 on ebay, especially as part of sets, but beware the listings for copies of “1C” as these are second prints and not being listed that way. Also, thanks to Madduxxx in the comments, for reminding me that Walking Dead #103 has the first appearance/preview of Clone.

From CBR

Universal is developing a feature film adaptation of David Schulner’s Image Comics series “Clone,” according to The Tracking Board.

David Alpert of Skybound Entertainment will produce along with Bryan Furst and Sean Furst of Furst Films. Peter Cramer will oversee for Universal.

“Clone,” a 20-issue comic series written by Schulner with art by Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano, focuses on Doctor Luke Taylor, whose life takes a completely unexpected and drastic turn when a bloodied clone of himself shows up at his house to inform him that there are multiple clones of varying ages out to get him — and his pregnant wife.

The comic was previously in development as a television series for NBC and then Syfy. Producers are currently searching for a screenwriter.

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  1. Get those SDCC Skybound 5th anniversary black & white variants. There’s still a few on ebay in the $20-$30 range, I don’t expect they will be there for long

      1. They were part of a sdcc box set. You bought at random and there were special edition #1’s of Skybound books. Randomly inserted in the sets were sets of black and white covers. Further inserted into the sets were redemption certificates for cgc 9.8 first prints of the book with a special cgc label and signed by kirkman.

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  2. Maybe it’s now time to dump the issues I have. I just don’t have faith that we’ll ever see this one on our screens.

    1. NBC / Universal keeps extending David Schulner’s contract and after they pulled the plug on the TV show, I guess this is one way to get him to renew his deal with them next year. Or not and they screw him over again

  3. I bought a couple issues when it first came out, but I checked the link for fun and my comic shop already marked theirs up.

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