First Appearance of Steven Universe

Thanks to our friend CyberSpaceComics for the tip off on this one.

We mentioned how Steven Universe is hot. Especially Steven Universe #6 which sells for up to $90. But many people do not realize what the first appearance of Steven Universe in comic form is.

Most people would say Steven Universe #1, which can go for up to $20. Nope.

The first appearance of Steven Universe is in a steal of a book, Adventure Time Spoooktacular (2013) #1 Mycomicshop has them for $2 in NM condition. You can also find them on eBay for between $2.50 – $20, depending on the cover (the 1:25 variant on the higher end.)

Check out the bottom left corner!

The print run on the book was 16,920.

Thanks again to CyberSpaceComics for the tip.

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