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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 52st edition of the open forum!

What are your pick ups?
What about back issue raids?
What was sold out at your store?
What was sitting one the shelves in piles?

Or anything else you want to talk about, here is where to do it!

43 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Looking to buy:

    TMNT #50 Kirby variant
    Paper Girls # 1
    Marvel Point One Cover B
    Survivors Club # 1
    Train Called Love # 1 1:10 variant

  2. This week’s picks are;

    Project nemesis #1
    Paper Girls #1
    Survivor’s club #1
    Spider-Man #1
    We stand on guard #4
    Bob’s burgers #4

    Maybe others. I was also able to get we can never go home #1 2nd print and #2 2nd print. So going to read the series to see what the whole shabang is about.

  3. I’m going to see if I can score an ASM #1 Campbell variant for $40 or less! My pull list is so long this week. I told myself that when Marvel relaunched, I’d cut a bunch of books and tomorrow is not looking good. Dr Strange and Contest of Champions could be additions. I’ll be looking at Paper Girls too.

    1. Ouch. Tough week after two relatively light ones. It’s the variants that killed me. Gotta stop getting those.

      1602: Witch Hunter Angela #4
      All New All Different Marvel Now Point One #1 (the variant with the Wolverines on the cover)
      Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Campbell, Hip Hop and Ross Character, Regular)
      Avengers #0 (Kirby homage)
      Copperhead #10
      Cyborg #3
      Darth Vader #10
      Detective Comics #45 (Monster cover)
      Doctor Strange #1 (Nowlan variant + Regular)
      Green Lantern #45
      Invincible Iron Man #1 (Granov, Timm, and Hip Hop)
      Lando #5
      Lobo #11
      October Faction #9
      Old Man Logan #5
      Paper Girls #1 x2
      Powers #5
      Secret Wars #6 (Regular + AF)
      Spider-Island #5
      Star Wars #10 (Regular + AF)
      We Stand on Guard #4

  4. Slow past month…

    Axcend #1 (Cover A)
    Codename Baboushka The Conclave Of Death #1 (Cover A)
    Paper Girls #1 x3
    Saints #1
    Starve #5
    We Stand On Guard #4
    Doctor Strange #1 (Hip-Hop Variant Cover)
    Journey To Star Wars FASE #2 x2
    Rick And Morty #4 (2nd Printing Variant Cover)
    Heroes Vengeance #1

    I’ve now given myself new comic buying policies, due to ongoing space limitations, and the GF constanstly complaining I have books all around the house! So I won’t be going above issue 5 anymore on any new series, unless it is so so so so good i cannot resist. If I’m still reading that particular comic after that, I’m going digital, or will get the trade. Not particularly what I want, but I do have too many comics.

  5. I sweetly kiss my wallet goodbye:


    Marvel Point One #1: Seems like an anthology.
    The Amazing Spider-Man #1: I won’t click the spoiler, I won’t click the spoiler, I won’t click the spoiler…
    Avengers #0
    Contest of Champions #1: Take it away, Maestro!
    Groot #5: Baby Groot!
    Invincible Iron Man #1: I’m warning you, Bendis!
    Old Man Logan #5: Is this called Old Man Logan because it’s a story about a man with dementia who wonders away from home?
    Secret Wars #6: Oh, yeah, this is still happening…
    Siege #4: I’m actually super pumped to see how Thanos fits in to all this. I hope it isn’t another Future Imperfect bait-and-switch. I hope it actually ties in.
    Star Wars #10: My main squeeze book that can do no wrong.
    Darth Vader #10: I’m liking this month’s cover! My main back-up squeeze!
    Lando #5: I’ve enjoyed this miles beyond Princess Leia and can’t wait for Noto on Chewbacca!
    Shattered Empire #2: #1 was excellent. Everything a ROTJ book should be.


    Bloodshot Reborn #7: I don’t know, Poyo, I’m still “meh” on this.


    Axcend #1: what is this?
    The Humans #8: I love these Monkey-f*&^ers and things are getting intense!
    Jughead #1: Zdarsky writing himself into a character. What could go wrong?!
    Paper Girls #1: something something something Brian K. Vaughan
    Saints #1: While Tony was doing it for the solicitation, I’m doing based on that awesome cover!
    We Stand On Guard #4: Something else something else something else Brian K. Vaughan

    1. I spent way too much money today.. ughh..

      So yeah:

      Detective Comics #45 (Just look at that robot bunny.. )
      TMNT #50 (I love overpriced comics coming to an ending)
      Copperhead #10 (I’m still a fan)
      Humans #8 (Loving it.. )
      Nailbiter #16 (Still loving it.)
      Paper Girls #1 (BKV.. did I stutter? It’s BKV, there will be a 2nd print, maybe a 3rd. Did you hear me.. it’s BKV)
      Plutona #2 (I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue)
      Southern Bastards #11 (Mmm.. Hmm..)
      Starve #5 (I didn’t think I was going to like this as much as I do)
      We Stand On Guard #4 (It’s BKV)
      ASM #1 (Must see what they’re doing to my favorite child hood Marvel hero)
      Avengers #0 (I’m sure we’ll see the bazillion variants churned out for #1 since this is a #0)
      Contest of Champions #1 (Must check out)
      Darth Vader #10 (Loving it and I think I somehow managed to skip over it in the chaos of so many comics this week)
      Doctor Strange #1 (Mmm.. Hmm.. It’s Aaron and I’ve always loved Dr. Strange)
      Groot #5 (I am Groot!)
      Iron Man #1 (The art looks fantastic and being an Iron Man fan, must see where they are taking him now after Secret Wars)
      Secret Wars #6 (They should of ended this before the new reboots but okay.. )
      Spider-Island #5 (Have not read them, I hope they are good when I binge read them)
      Star Wars #10 (Really? Should I even explain why I’m reading this?)
      Cluster #8 (Damn, I think I forgot to pick this one up as well.. ughh)
      Space Riders #4 (This was slim pickings, one shop didn’t even get them)
      Bloodshot Reborn #7 (Yup)

      Actually in all the chaos, I think I managed to miss picking up my copy of Darth Vader #10 and Humans #8. Sigh!

      I did however manage to snag variants of:

      Iron Man – 2x Granov Variant, 2 x Bruce Timm Classic Variant and 2 x Marquez Design variant cover.

  6. Barb Wire #4: This closes the arc and i’m dropping the series. It hasn’t been that good.
    Dark Corridors #3: The art is funky but it’s grown on me. I think this series would have been big if
    the art had been more standard
    The Humans #8: I can’t believe this was a series I almost passed up. I only picked it up after the guys at my comic shop strongly pushed it to me.
    Paper Girls #1: My wife, who doesn’t read comics even wants to read it. This series could be big.
    Star Wars #10: Still going strong but I’m dropping it if I’m forced to buy Darth Vader to keep up in the new tie in.
    Shattered Empire #2: Slow first issue but it’s only a 4 issue mini.
    We Stand on Guard:4 2 BKV books in a week? And still $2.99, yes and thank you.

  7. Spec Pick – KIRBY Variant of TMNT 50

    Standard Pull:
    We Stand on Guard 4
    Paper Girls 1
    Batman and Robin Eternal 1
    Southern Bastards 11
    Star Wars 2

  8. Iron man hip hop …the freezy was insane …most new York stores are fresh out .keep ya eye out on this one

    1. There were no hip hop variants at my local shops. I did pre-order the Dr. Strange and ASM one though. I’m not a fan of the Iron Man one.

        1. Yeah, the Dr. Strange hip hop variant is just awesome and I’m not even a Dr. Dre fan… I ordered the Amazing Spider-Man hip hop variant because well, Tribe Called Quest is just awesome.. awesome I tell you!

  9. TMNT #50 Kirby variant
    SOUTHERN BASTARDS #11 (The only title this week that I actually read)
    TELOS #1 1:25 variant
    A TRAIN CALLED LOVE #1 1:10 B&W variant
    2 x SPACE RIDERS #4 (I don’t know if there was a distribution issue or what but I bought the only 2 shelf copies between 2 stores)

    1. Probably not, most stores are not ordering Space Riders heavily or at all it seems. One shop didn’t even have any and the other weeks it’s been 5 or less on the shelves. This is why they have been selling out quickly and have 2nd – 4th printings so far.

    Goon (FINAL ISSUE!!!)
    8House (Brandon Graham. New story arc.)
    Paper Girls
    Plutona (Emi Lennox is local to me. Got Plutona 1 signed with my daughter.)
    Southern Bastards
    Miracle Man (Neil Gaiman)

    We Stand on Guard (just not doing it for me)
    Dr Strange 1 (Aaron. May give it a try.)

  11. 1. Avengers 0 – I hate any comic that costs over 3.99, regardless of the page count. but I feel obligated since I’ll probably be reading a few of these titles
    2. Doctor Strange 1 – cant wait
    3. Invincible Iron Man 1 – BMB is hit or miss for me. hope this is a hit.
    4. Secret Wars 6 – still loving this. just hate the release schedule
    5. Amazing Spider-Man 1 – still Dan Slott, he never dissapoints
    6. Nailbiter 16- this series is only getting better
    7. Southern Bastards 11 – so is this one
    8. Bloodshot Reborn 7 – maybe its just because this is the first bloodshot series ive read, but I find this character fascinating.
    9. Grumpy Cat 1 – hoping I can find this one. my girlfriend doesn’t share my passion for comics, but loves Grumpy Cat, so I’m hoping I can start her conversion with this one

  12. Was there an allocation issue with Lando #5 today? I just realized the two shops I visited didn’t have any on the shelves.

  13. Is anyone having a hard time find a 9.8 candidate for PAPER GIRLS? I visited three shops today, and reviewed 100+ copies, and could not find a single candidate.

    I think the problem is it being a double size issue. They kept the binding style the same, and each book I looked at either one, or both, corners had 1-4 mm tears in the binding on the corners.

    I had planned on buying several issues, but instead walked away.

    1. I did not see that as an issue, but all of my local stores had stacks and stacks of them. It will be interesting to see how the seemingly high print run will affect price down the road.

      1. I said this awhile ago: I don’t see this comic going above $10. There’s more copies available than demand dictates.

      2. Remember folks, print run does not determine value. Demand determines value. The availability even comes before print run when it’s assisting demand to determine such set value.

        As for it being never going over $10, well, you never know. If there’s enough demand weeks, months or years from now, the value will go up depending on availability for sale. Batman #1 New 52 had how many books printed and what’s it’s current raw value potentially at?

        I predict this will go to second printing. I predict BKV fans will seek this out as will new readers and collectors. So it’s not a quick flip book but does carry the potential of being a great flip down the road..

    2. I didn’t have any issues finding possible 9.8 candidates myself.

      I also read it last night, great read. I really loved the panel in the girls room with the Monster Squad movie poster, funny because my kids just watched it for the first time this past weekend since it’s on Netflix. Loved that movie as a kid. So reading this comic brought back some good 80s memories. I’m hooked for sure..

  14. I just visited my comic shop and I came out with a lot of awesome deals. My comic shop ordered a bunch of copies of Paper Girls.
    Pick Ups:
    Paper Girls #1 – I had to pick this up. The creative team is perfect
    Batman and Robin Eternal #1
    Secret Wars #6
    Plutona #2
    Invincible Iron Man #1 (Adi Granov Variant) – I got this for cover price!
    Amazing Spider-Man #1 (J Scott Campbell Variant) – I got this for cover price too! Beautiful cover, so glad I managed to get this.

  15. Heavy week like everyones

    Asm 1 I thought it was very good. Was surprised since I was gonna pass it
    Paper girls pretty good
    Batman and Robin eternal good read
    Saints was mediocre imo
    Dr strange freaking awesome
    Survivors club 1 good
    Marcel point one decent
    Invincible iron man
    We stand on guard 4
    Star wars 10
    Secret wars….to many books but overall loved what I have read so far except for the one book.

    1. I feel the same about Saints. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t good enough for me to want to pick up #2. I can certainly live without it for sure.

  16. So has anyone read Batman and Robin eternal #1? I wanna get it cuz Snider is writing it but not a big fan of Batman and Robin working together lol. Any suggestions?

    1. I thought about it but I passed for several reasons.. the main ones for me are: a) Snyder won’t be writing it from beginning to end; b) I don’t want to invest time into reading it when it’s passed off to the next writer and starts to suck and c) I’m with you on the Batman and Robin working together. It worked in the 60s but nowadays, I like Batman working alone.

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