Mel V. NYCC Wrap Up Day One

What up Chu Mel V here along with Special guest Minty Man Cave Comics. Who was a tremendous help at NYCC DAY 1. And what a great day it was. We’re going to focus a lot on the many variants that were to be had at NYCC.


Minty and I ran to the legend in the making, Mathew Rosenberg’s (from Black Mask) table for a chance at the hottest Indy book out now, We Can Never Go home’s Exclusive NYCC Variant limited to a CRAZY 50 print run. If you do not have a pass, I wish you all the luck in picking a set of these up. One of if not the only booth that was packed at 9:00 am. Mr Rosenberg is one hell of a guy, I wish him and The Black Mask Crew nothing but the best.

The variants look amazing well worth the price. Oh by the way, if you’re looking for Hot Topic Variants for WCNGH, Good Luck(more news to follow ).

From there we headed to Matt Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan booth, Amancay Nahuelpan did AMAZING SKETCHES that were a steal for 15 BUCKS. He is one of the artists to look out for in 2016. My buddy Midtown Martin spent 60 bucks on sketches alone. That’s how good Amancay Nahuelpan is. Don’t forget to buy CLANDESTINO coming next week. I told you guys about that book months ago in Big Gems Small Press.

Mr. Pizzolo told us about the amazing things coming from the Black Mask Universe (hang on to those issues of GODKILLER, TRUST ME). The YOUNG TERRORISTS NYCC VARIANT will be a premier book of NYCC

From there we headed to Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley booth. To check out the “TOP SECRET VARIANT“of Beauty Exclusive to NYCC. Many people don’t know about this. Minty and I were sworn to not post the image of the cover online and out of respect to those guys we kept it sealed. This will be another top notch variant.

Gonna pass it over to Minty Man Cave comics for the rest of the NYCC Day 1

MINTY: So many Books! Let’s start with 215 Ink and their amazing collection of Enormous variants, the super rare exclusive NYCC 2015 newspaper variant with a print run of 150!! 215 was also by far the best booth deal we found price wise! Thank you again for the great deals!! Be on the lookout for KODOJA, another big monster book from 215. Their NYCC Variant may be the sleeper of the show. Oni had an Invader Zim #1 top secret booth exclusive, definitely a purchase. Over at Image they had the WALKING DEAD #1 black and white and the Tokyo Ghost #1 black and white both nice looking variants. Dark Horse had big free swag bags and a cool Fight Club 2 #1 variant that caught my eye. I’m going to pass it back to Mel

Thanks Minty. At this time we headed over to Justin Jordan’s booth. A Must buy is the ashcan con exclusive of Burming West, which is a mix between a zombie western story.

At this time we linked up with Tony and he took us to Artgerm, now call me a newbie or whatever but I had no idea Artgerm was this damn good. His sketch book is AMAZING. If you are a fan of epic art, these sketch books are crazy! In my opinion he is this generations Frank Frazetta.

Were going to stop here cause day 2 is coming soon. LET US END BY SAYING… 451 will be a comic company to be on the lookout for TRUST US, were going to write about them later.

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  1. Word on the street is that Hot Topic had to recall the first printing of their WE CAN NEVER GO HOME variant due to a pricing error ($5.99 instead of $4.50), which is why this has been so hard to find in store.

    The $5.99 copies were supposed to be returned to the DC for destruction, only a small portion made it into the wild.

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