Rumor is Nuke will appear on Jessica Jones

Coming out of an interview with IGN, it appears that Nuke will be appearing on the Netflix show Jessica Jones.

Obviously we don’t have 100% confirmation on this since nothing’s been announced, but from our interview with actor Wil Traval below, it appears that Daredevil foe Nuke will be introduced on Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Traval mentioned that he’s playing a character named “Simpson” on the show, and that he’s based on post-Vietnam War super-soldiers. Though “reinvented” a bit for this new Netflix series. has Nuke’s first appearance as Daredevil #230 as Nuke’s first appearance, however, pretty much everywhere else has Daredevil #232 as his first appearance.

Copies of Daredevil #232 are being snatched up quickly, there are copies running from $5-$50 (in a set for the higher end) and a 9.8 graded for $160.

Copies of Daredevil #230 are much cheaper at around $3 (putting this on here just to cover the bases as Marvel had it as his first appearance.)

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