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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 53rd edition of the open forum!

What are your pick ups?
What about back issue raids?
What was sold out at your store?
What was sitting one the shelves in piles?

Or anything else you want to talk about, here is where to do it!

59 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Rebels #7 (Still digging it. It’s a slower read, definitely a build up)
    Batman #45 (Goofy regular cover. I want Bruce back already.. hurry up Snyder)
    JLA #4 (Great story so far)
    East of West #21 (Mmmm.. Hmm.. still one of Hickman’s best)
    Faster than Light #2 (Last one was interesting, gotta see where it’s going)
    Low #10 (Sometimes hard to follow but for the most part, very good)
    Sex Criminals #13 (I’m pervert and I love seeing orgasms being drawn by Chip!)
    Walking Dead #147 (Duh!)
    Captain America #1 (I’m a sucker now for Captain America and actually like Sam as the Cap)
    Captain America White #3 (Loving the art)
    Chewbacca #1 (Wrrggggghhhhhhh!!!)
    Civil War #5 (Gonna binge read after this one)
    GOTG #1 (I hope Bendis doesn’t screw up this volume, last one started out strong, then there was too much romance crap)
    Star Wars Force Awakens #3 (Yup)
    Uncanny Avengers #1 (This one looks better than New Avengers)
    Lantern City #6 (Still digging this story)
    Welcome Back #2 (Last one left me hanging on what’s going to happen next)
    Clandestino #1 (Duh!)
    Ninjak #8 (Loving it)
    XO-Manowar #41 (Still my favorite Valiant character, well, Divinity when he comes back is quickly approaching XO status with me)

        1. Heh, my stacks were huge today. Couldn’t help myself. And yeah, I got a midtown order that arrived yesterday that was about a dozen comics as well.

  2. Small day for me tomorrow, but Saturday was a good day for me. First went to Book a million got a couple of WCNGH #1 and Young Terr. #1 variants and a couple of Scooby Doo team up #12. Then slipped over to Hot Topic and got a couple more WCNGH #1 var. Might make another trip this weekend.

  3. Wonder when a transgender superhero will happen? It’s got Marvel written all over it. They usually jump on these hot button issues.

    1. Yeah, I wish they’d focus more on writing cool super heroes instead of focusing on the heroes sex or who they’re dating, married to, etc. Transgender, lesbian, gay, bi.. cross dresser.. great, all power to them but I don’t care what these heroes do in their spare time or who they’re having sex with, just like the real world, none of my business of what goes on behind closed doors. Sure they should have equal rights like the rest of us, give it to them already and let’s get back to story telling and the actual stories instead of playing the actual non-issues in some fantasy world.

      PS. I’m actually pro LGBT, nothing wrong with any of it. When it comes to super hero type books, I want them to be bad ass, fighting evil doers.. If someone wants to write a more serious comic book that touches the actual issues in our politics, etc.. then write a serious effing book about it. I don’t need Brian Michael Bendis telling us some Spider-Man from Dimension Z that he loves gay purple baby zebra’s or what not.. don’t care! 😉

      1. I’m with you. I get a little sick of the modern day comics “PC” nature. You don’t have to include every single very small subset of the population in your books to show you’re cool. Stick to telling great stories and leave the rest of the drama for the real world to sort out.

  4. Marvel
    A-Force #5: I really hope this series doesn’t end in disappointment like so many other Secret Wars series
    Civil War #5: Same thought as A-Force. Please deliver, Soule! No more Secret Wars bait-and-switches!
    Deadpool vs. Thanos #3: I’m actually still waiting on my #2 to arrive in the mail….so….I liked #1!
    Marvel Zombies #4: I have waited so long for the Bloodstone showdown! Please be better than AofU v. MZ!
    Spider-Gwen #1: I bought into the fad. I can’t resist. I’m going to grab the Bradshaw Variant
    Spider-Man 2099 #1
    New Avengers #1
    What If? Infinity-X-Men
    Uncanny Avengers #1: How can you pass up Deadpool, the Avenger!?

    Dark Horse:
    Harrow County #6 I dropped this on #5, but after hearing good stuff, I’m hopping back on the wagon.

    I Hate Fairyland #1: I fully expect to drop this after #1, but I figured I would give it a shot!

    Ninjak #8: This book is just routinely awesome right now! Matt Kindt is crushing this second storyline!

  5. This week’s books;

    Blood feud #1 ( it’s Cullen Bunn. Can’t pass on his work)
    Straight jacket #1 ( fell in love with there Roman Ritual series)
    Batman #45
    Lantern City #6
    I hate fairyland #1
    Hatley Quinn #21 ( for the wife)
    Savior #7 ( was going to drop it but since I read that 1st arc ends in issue 8 so might as well finish it)
    Deadpool vs Thanos #3
    Assasins Creed #1 ( have every game of this series ( on PS3) so defenetly going to get it)
    Batman animated adventures: Batman AF ( for the wife)

    I was at my local shop earlier today and they still had a grip of paper girls #1. So hopefully there is a medial deal so I can snag the other ones lol

  6. Another big week.
    Last week was big, but I wasn’t feeling great and didn’t feel like typing them all. Now I don’t feel like sleeping so here goes! Tomorrow’s pickups are:
    Batman superman
    Civil war
    Dead pool v thanos
    Earth 2
    I hate fairyland
    Sex crims
    Star Trek green lantern
    Lois and Clark
    Walking dead
    Uncanny avengers

    Maybe Harley Quinn
    Spider Gwen
    Spider-Man 2099
    I mean, what’s another $16? Right? Amiright?

      1. One problem I think with villain first appearances is they’ll cool off a while. They come and go, until they reach like Venom status or Joker type status.. wait, you’ll get it back at real world prices most likely.

  7. Twilight Children #1 (Gilbert Hernandez & Darwyn Cooke in a Vertigo title!)
    I Hate Fairyland
    Sex Criminals
    Switch #1 (I was impressed by Stjepan Sejic’s run on Rat Queens)

    Trying to keep it under $20 each week.

  8. 1. Captain America: Sam Wilson 1 (I hated the last Captain America volume with Sam Wilson, but I love Nick Spencer)
    2. Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (same writer as last volume, so I’m still on board)
    3. Batman 45 (duh)
    4. East of West 21 (Hickman is just so so good)
    5. Low 10 (keeps getting better and better)
    6. Sex Criminals 13 (XXX variant. I normally avoid variants, but these have been great)
    7. The Walking Dead 147 (again, duh)
    8. Swords of Sorrow 6 (just to complete the set)

    been buying a lot of old comics on ebay recently. I got spawn 1-10, Watchmen 1-12, astro city 1-6, and the whole death of superman/doomsday 1-7 arc. not too expensive either. its been fun. surprisingly, spawn has been my favorite so far (watchmen is obviously great but I’d seen the movie so no surprises there)

  9. Another bigger week for me….The wallet is hurting and the wife is taking notice.

    Faster than Light #2: First issue wasn’t universally loved but I was intrigued.
    Gravedigger #3: I hate the widescreen format but I like my crime books
    House of Ax one shot: Took a flyer on this but It sounds like it will be an old style horror book
    Shattered Empire Star Wars #3. I thought these were supposed to be bi-weekly? I need a break.
    Rebels #7: A standalone one shot. I dropped the series last week but told my shop I’d take this issue so they weren’t left hanging on my short notice.
    Sex Criminals #13 XXX variant. I hate over priced variants but i’m a sucker for these.
    Tales from the Creep #2: I saw this solicit and ordered #1 immediately. Turned my pre orders into my comic shop and received issue 1 and it wasn’t good. I’ll buy this one but unless it’s a lot better I’ll let my comic shop know i’m done with these.

      1. Someone should do a parody of that title and do “Tales From A Creep” and it’s a creepy peeper that stalks the ladies, 1st person style narrative, etc.. 😉

      2. The zombie story was the one decent story that I remember. I’ll pull it back out and read it again before I read 2. Maybe it was just a bad day for me.

        LOL, No way would I buy that Poyo! Sounds disgusting. Shhh, yeah, put this book in my bag, make sure it’s in the middle where no one can see it, yeah thanks. …..errrr, Like I said, No way would I buy something like that!

  10. has Paper Girls 1 signed by Chiang, BKV and the whole team for 2.99 each limit 1. I put in 2 orders. Great book so far with an intriguing final page.

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