Y The Last Man Coming to TV

Hollywood Reporter has announced that Brian K Vaughan’s Y The Last Man will be coming to TV.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

FX is teaming with Vaughan and Color Force’s Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson to develop the dystopian sci-fi comics as as and ongoing series.

No director has been named and they are looking for a writer to work with BKV. The show is only in development at this time.

Y The Last Man #1 is what you are looking for. Not cheap, but sets are still reasonable on eBay for now. But as the news spreads do not expect that to last.

24 thoughts on “Y The Last Man Coming to TV”

  1. I want this to make it to my screen dammit.. and yes, I have the full run, bought it a couple years back for about $300, which was a steal since #1 almost goes for that much.

    1. BKV vs Millar, who’s the better writer? My vote would go to BKV, he seems to care about his story. Millar starts strong but really just wants the media deal. To him, it’s all about the money. I think BKV likes telling stories.

      1. Mark Millar is very arrogant in interviews, and his work usually feels like he is writing based on what he thinks people want to read, not starting from a point of creativity to produce a genuine, authentic piece of work. I haven’t picked up a Millar book in over 5 years.
        I bought Y: The Last Man in stores when it first came out, and followed it for it’s entire run. It’s still one of my all-time favorites, and so is Runaways. I’m glad Saga had such a popularity explosion, and I do hope it continues for Decades.
        And I’m glad they are now considering Y: The Last Man for TV. When they were previously tinkering with it for a movie, I didn’t think that would work as well, considering the wealth of characters and individual storylines that would likely get nixed for the sake of a tighter, smaller-scope single film; whereas TV will thrive will all of those separate stories.

  2. BKV is by far a better writer then miller. He puts more thought into his work. Miller on the other hand just puts his work into issue 1 and 2 and then the story starts to drag. I leaner my lesson on not to buy his books way back in MPH.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been meaning to buy this since Kirkman started singing it’s praises in the early issues of TWD. I finally pulled the trigger while it was still affordable! Looking forward to binge reading it.

  4. This would be an amazing show one of hia best comics. I hope this will spring board a high budget saga movie or show

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