Larime Taylor Raising Funds for Wife’s Chemo


Larime Taylor has long been a friend of the site. We did interviews with him previously, spotlighted his book A Voice in the Dark, and helped fund and promote his move to Las Vegas to be closer to family for health reasons.

We are asking for your help again.

Larime’s Wife Sylv has cancer again. They have to pay for Chemo themselves.

From Larime’s Gofundme

My wife Sylv has cancer and cannot get insurance to cover chemo, so we have to pay out-of-pocket. She NEEDS chemo, and soon. The somewhat long story is explained below.

Sylv was born in Canada and came to the US in 1994, back when Canadiansdidn’t even need passports to come here and well before 9/11 complicated immigration. She came because she was offered a job speaking French for a company in Indianapolis that had won a contract in Eastern Canada, and they were going to handle her immigration paperwork. The business went under before any of that ever happened.

She spent what little she had to get here and was now stuck – being estranged from her family, she had no ‘home’ to go back to. She lived with friends, providing daycare while they worked, and we met online in 1996. A year later we were married.

Being disabled myself, we never had much money since she couldn’t work and I had a hard time getting anyone to hire me. We were never able to file her immigration papers, and despite 18 years of marriage, she still has no legal status. Homeland Security knows she’s here and has no issues with it, but neither can she be giveen any benefits or even buy insurance. Without $2k AND a sponsor making over $50k a year willing to take responsibility for her, she can’t get citizenship.

Last December she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. We can only get her Emergency Medicaid, which paid for the surgery necessary to remove a 15cm tumor and a full hysterectomy, but it won’t cover chemotherapy, and without it the cancer has started to return and spread.

We have chemo lined up, but we need help raising the funds to pay for it. The treatment itself isn’t terribly expensive, but the booster shot that goes with it to keep her from getting sick and the PET scan needed to see if it’s working are. Here’s the breakdown of the three main costs for every three weeks, which needs to be repeated for a total of six rounds:

Treatment: $414
Booster: $3800
PET scan: $1600

Total: $5814 a round

That’s about $30k for the full six rounds

You can help Larime and Sylv here

10 thoughts on “Larime Taylor Raising Funds for Wife’s Chemo”

  1. Real Talk..If you got money to spend on spec books,it really should not be a issue to give what you can to help this mans wife out,This is me talking from the heart .Any gesture helps

  2. Does anyone know if I can donate using my paypal account? I know I have extra cash there that I wouldn’t mind donating or does Larime have a PayPal that I can send him directly? Thank u

  3. To Larime;

    Cool. Thank you. Just sent out some cash your way. I know how hard it is to have someone close to you have cancer. I have a very close friend that has stage 3 cancer in his stomach and it has been hard to know that he is going threw all of that pain. I wish you and your wife the best and with a little miracle everything will be better.

  4. I’ve listed several books for sell under my name agentpoyo on eBay. If you find a book and it has “LT CHU” in the title along with me explicitly claiming all profits are being donated to Larime and Sylv, that’s exactly what is going to happen when they sell.

    I’ve got two books up now, I plan to put more up. So keep checking for more in coming days. You might find a book you want or need while helping out some good folks in the process.

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