USA Today releases Back to the Future edition. 

Check it out. Click for larger view. The Cubs thing is pretty funny though.   

19 thoughts on “USA Today releases Back to the Future edition. ”

  1. They’re selling nicely on eBay too. If you find a Pepsi Perfect bottle, grab it and sell it.. they’re going for over $400 currently on eBay.. crazy!

      1. Really? I read an article that said people were finding them at Walmart and a few other places but people were getting angry about lack of availabiliity, etc.

      1. It was Walmart and Amazon that originally had them for sale online.

        So everyone, don’t go buying that $500 bottle of Pepsi Perfect off eBay, you got another chance Nov. 3rd to snag one at $20. $20 for a bottle of Pepsi, seems they got the inflation wrong for this year and date as well.. hehe!

  2. From what I heard they are going to be back in stock 11/3/15. But there will also be a short quantity available. And they are only making them available online.

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