First Full Jessica Jones Trailer Hits The Internet

First full trailer for Netflix Jessica Jones hits the internet. I think this one makes the show look more appealing and the sill named “Purple Man” look truly evil.

Purple Man first appears in Daredevil #4. Jessica Jones first appears in Alias #1. They both meet up in Alias #24.

So what do you think? let us know in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “First Full Jessica Jones Trailer Hits The Internet”

  1. Trailer looks great! Alias #1 and #24 should see a nice boost after people see the trailer. I could see #1 9.8’s up to 400$ soon.

  2. Picked up an issue #1 cgc 9.6 for $150 2 months ago and a nm raw run of 22-27 as well . Feeling good about the growth potential of this book

  3. Noticed a bunch of eBay sellers have 9.8 copies up to $565 now . Very interested in seeing if the market holds or falls out after binge weekend of people watching it

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