Wayward getting media attention 

Sure, there are a lot of books getting media attention now. When the announcements come out the books can move up quickly in price, so it is good to be ahead of the curve and not behind it. Here is some early news on one with potential. 

One book I have been really enjoying is Jim Zub’s Wayward. The mix of classic Japanese Yokai and an interesting story with well written characters has made this a fun read. According to the back pages of the latest issue, Wayward is getting some media attention. But it sounds early on. 

This is a good time to pick up a copy or two. As it says it’s too early to tell if it will turn into anything but as of right now it is a safe pick up. 

Copies of Wayward #1 can be gotten cheap off eBay, for as low as $1.72. The one that could be huge, and already expensive, is the Japanese ashcan/preview edition. It is already a $200 book. There is also a Fan Expo edition, a Third Eye Variant, a Phantom Variant, and a Black and White Phantom Variant  (kudos to those who jumped on the Jim Zub signing I offered early this year).  Mycomicshop has some of the #1 first prints for as low as $4 if you miss out on the cheap eBay copies. 

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  1. In this day and age……

    media interest = doesn’t mean squat

    I’ll wait for the official word on a movie or tv show to jump on board

      1. agreed. actually i cannot think of jim zub’s book that isn’t a good read, but for me it’s steve cumming’s art that makes this series great.

      1. Obviously but on official word many people have already jumped as soon as possible and prices have spiked. Is is just a heads up Kyle. On a really good read too. Sorry you are not interested but to those who might be, and want to check out a good book in the process, well, here it is.

      2. And please also remember, I am not forcing anyone to buy anything. Just point things out. But with spec you should always do your own due diligence. The nice thing is if it does come to fruition then people could have gotten in for $1.72.

      3. I’m not saying the book isn’t good. Just don’t buy into the statement of “media interest” as a reason to rush out and buy the book. Make smart, informed judgements.

      4. I would imagine now is the time to find these cheap. So for those that do gamble a little, now is the time to seek them out. Even with media interests will push the demand up a little. So for flippers, yes, even the slight news can be good news for those that want to buy low, sell high. This is the case for any open market where people buy, sell and trade based on what most would call, speculation.

        As for me, I’ll pass. No pun intended but this book had tween all over it so I have zero interest in buying, reading or flipping, just not my cuppa tea. Good luck to anyone who does make money from it though.

        1. I will say that the back matter at the end of each issue has some really well written pieces explaining the history of Yokai I have seen. I am a huge Fan of Japanese culture (pop culture especially) and Yokai are something I have always been fascinated by. So yes, it can seem a little tween-ish but the back matter is also worth the read if you are interested in the role that Japanese monsters play in culture.

  2. I got a Walking Dead 1-28 for $300, Preacher Preview for $3.00 when I heard there was media interest. If I waited for official word, it’d have been a lot more. Thanks for the tip. I got one for $2 on EBay. I like Zub so it’s worth a gamble.

    1. I like Zub as well. One of my favorite comics is because of him, a Fear Itself #1 Sketch cover that he and the rest of the Skullkickers Crew did a sketch of Shorty saying “Thor is a F—ing P-ssy” but he also messed up a pile of books he was signing for me once. He was so nice about it and replaced every one.

      But yes, You never know how these things are going to turn out.

  3. Still on Ebay for $3.50 to $4.00 as of writing this. I’ll pick one up just to read it. If it goes up great, if not, maybe I found a good title to follow. The “maybe” potential media coverage isn’t enough to get me on the band wagon unless the risk is low. I usually like something a bit more concrete, but the risk is extremely low on this one, so why not! Cover A is awesome anyway!

  4. Issue #7, i think it is, has an awesome Totoro swipe. I sold the other issues I had of this as like Poyo says it was to tween for me. But I can see the appeal and kudos to Tony for pointing it out.

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