Local Comic Shop Day Variants at cover price. 

There has been a lot of talk at who has the cheapest prices on local comic shop day variants. There have been some good listings on eBay, and a couple of shops listing a few of the books at cover price. If you missed out on the books and want to grab some you want to check these out. 

From Larry at www.larryscomics.net:



shoot me an e-mail if you need any of these!


Archie Comics:
Hangman #1 LCSD exclusive cover, $3.99

Black Mask Studios:
We Can Never Go Home LCSD Hard Cover Graphic Novel, – $24.99
Space Riders LCSD Hard Cover Graphic Novel, $24.99
Secret Black Mask LCSD Box Set, – $49.99

BOOM! Studios:
Klaus #1 LSCD exclusive cover, – $3.99

Dark Horse Comics:
Call of Duty: Black Ops III #1, – $3.99

DC Comics:
Dark Knight III: Master Race – Dave Johnson LCSD exclusive cover, – $5.99

IDW Publishing:
“Disappearing Marty” LCSD exclusive cover of Back to the Future #1, – $3.99
(2,500 copy limited edition)

All-Different Avengers #1 Marquez LCSD exclusive cover, -$3.99

ONI Press:
Invader Zim #1 oversize TREASURY EDITION exclusive cover $14.99
Rick and Morty #1 oversize TREASURY EDITION exclusive cover $14.99

16 thoughts on “Local Comic Shop Day Variants at cover price. ”

  1. Took my Black Mask LCSD Secret Box down off Ebay. I’m going to open it up tonight and enjoy it (the original plan). Might get a certain somebody to sign a certain issue in that box on a certain day in a certain place.

    Maybe CBCS it.

  2. LCDS exclusives look like a total bust. Ditto on what to do with the Black Mask box set, opening it and stabbing it may be the way to go, or just sit on it for a few years

  3. I didn’t buy anything to flip. All that I got was for my PC. I had a feeling that if I bought more to flip, they would be sitting and waiting for someone to buy them so good thing I passed on doing that.

  4. I’ve known Larry for years and him offering these at these prices is why I believe he is one of the best GLOBAL retailers around.
    Awesome job Larry!

  5. After the date shops are ONLY allowed to sell via their platforms.
    I cannot control that you linked me here.
    They open up for Ebay & Amazon sales in a couple of months.
    I’d prefer to remain in good standing to participate in the future. Let all the short sighted shops gouge away. If you report them, they won’t be gouging next year…

    1. I can understand why you would want to stay in good standings with them. It seemed like it was a good event for retailers. (And for the record Larry did not approach me or solicit me to post this) I had been putting together a list of shops online that had the books for cover and came across some that had some at cover and another that had some at cover but they both had certain books jacked up. I saw Larry had the most comprehensive offering of the books for cover so I put it up and skipped the other shops.

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  6. Funny to see something written by Larry of Larry’s Comics here. He blocked me on Twitter way back in 2012 when I called him out on Twitter via my blog profile for insensitive comments. Glad he’s doing well.

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